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  1. Happy birthday

  2. xoa anh roi...

  3. Kami

    Triple "B" Event

    Name: Shi Tsu Wish: Tao Gunka Card Reason: so i can random more people Man pinoy guy you so random
  4. happy birthday! :D

  5. Glaze

    H-Bday from California!

  6. Mirri

    Happy b-daaay Kami-chan! X3

  7. 20 eh? you an old man now? cant spam your champ moves anymore because you got arthritis in your fingers ey? too bad. ;)

  8. CORE

    kami i miss you come back i love you

  9. Kami's Photo

    Kami hmm be back when everything is fixed

    ,,l,, yo suck, when its fixed going to rape some asses (starting with jwonny)

  10. Khaii

    gtfo yuri is mine >8C ,,l,, wong chou hai lmao

  11. Kami

    yuri is mine bish..

  12. hmm be back when everything is fixed

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