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Status Updates posted by Khaii

  1. Hello woe players, feel free to drop some feedback for our future WoE idea's~~ Much appreciated!
  2. Korea ~Korea~ I'm comiiiing~ Be back in 3weeks!

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    2. Everade


      Get me some awesome Ragnarok Merchandise :P

      ~safe trip

    3. mishimune


      see u later in the next 3 weeks. have fun n safe trip xD

    4. Khaii


      Sorry! late reply! ~ back safety already! It was really fun!! And i was not able find any merchandise of Ragnarok :SS~ Maybe next time in Japan hopefully xD! thanks again all!

  3. Listen to my heartbeat~ it's beating for you~~

  4. Updated forum ! .... Juz Well done :)

  5. maintenance started~ server start back around 6~7 am server time :o

  6. Hello mirri :)

    1. Mirri


      Ara! The forum has changed so much.

    2. Khaii


      Ara Ara i know right :P new facebook haha

    3. Mirri


      I would not know. Never used Facebook.

  7. Khaii

    Hi Death how's you been? lol

  8. ye, i changed it *-* isn't that more cooler? XD

  9. chank you :D

  10. im coming back soon!

  11. No 1 else can have this weirdo but also kawaii profile picture... ._. honto desu

  12. xD stil on holiday ~ mis me already? ./gg hohoho xD

  13. k i looking forward! ;D

  14. bakayaro!! ;) xD

  15. k unactive for awhile~ have fun gro ~ keep it up ~

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    2. Paradox
    3. Syakila


      dont come to malaysia,im not allowed ya come.LOOLZZ!!

      Hoho dont forget about your teh tarik n roti canai dude!MSN me later..cya~

    4. Yotin


      aight i'll see when i see u asian!

  16. hiiyaaaabuutaaa! xD thnx lol ~

  17. 10 day's left then back to malaysia on holiday and celebrate marriage of my cousin 8)weeee

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    2. Khaii



    3. dArRyL


      pif marriage of your cousin, if i know~ it's you!! :D:P

    4. Khaii


      -__- baka you :S

  18. xDDD thnx lol why dont you join too? >;D?

  19. Khaii

    hihihihi XD

  20. lol thnx ^^ :P and jup the songname = lameting city ~

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