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  1. Error I've experienced BEFORE: None Error I experience NOW: None and wow is faster Anti Virus / Firewall Software I use: Avast 4.8 My Operation System: Windows XP
  2. hi~ can check price for thana pleace
  3. Hey nice guide I like it specially the wings :3 and lol I'm in the pics
  4. Forum name:Raziel Character name:Stefan l Scarlet Moon
  5. ebria~! hola =P

  6. hey GuMiho =) hi hi

    i'm back, well i will back soon =P

  7. hey guys!!!

    who wanna rock?!!!

    i was unactive before but i will back soon =P..

    very soon...(macabre voice)

  8. hey guys!!!

    how wanna rock?!!!

    i was unactive but i will back soon =P....very soon...(macabre voice)

  9. Raziel

    lalalal no se como ahh T_T

  10. talking? 0_O

  11. that girl u_u

    1. Ibn
    2. Raziel


      q pex weto :P -zape-

    3. Raziel


      weto! donde estas weto? ;w;

  12. -runs and catch him- elmo know where u live~ =P

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