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  4. Wow....just wow.... Here i though i'm giving a positive feedback and what i get for an answer is more of an act of immaturity.. Here's a tip before you start bashing people. Read the context properly. What you did is bashing me up without reading it entirely or understand the meaning behind it. But well whatever suits your boat. I'm seeing myself out the door. Peace out.
  5. Another day goes by and our population is slowly dropping. And it drops up to a point of leaving only few people online at main city. Mind you that most population that's on the webpage is 3/4 populated by auto-vendor. Here's my point of view of what's been going on around that made gRo what it is today: Economy I hate to say this again. But for this i'm going to say it again. Economy here is terrible. When I say terrible means absolutely terrible. It is so bad that a lot of newbie that starts playing here quits in less then a day heck some even lower then that. Its not just about the mith. Sure mining is dead hard and its freaking boring. BUT even farming gold is dead hard. Sure with equipment you can do it in a jiffy. but honestly, with all the price increase its going to be hard for new players. And to add to that, the % gold drop is ridiculous. So chap chap increase it will ya? or do something to make it LESS hard then i was today. I know the GM team have hinted about the new economy scheme. But it has yet to take any effect nor we see and development about it. Gameplay Honestly, its boring. Why you may ask, but its just that its boring. There's absolutely nothing to do here aside from mining, farming, making friends, and WoE. But if all that options were taken away from us that whats the point of having it all? Its too hard to mine. You need at least mine hat to start mining for starters. Farming stuff can be fun at times. But other times its just dead boring. There's no competition between other players. Last time we used to get people QQ from farm hoggers. Now its like dead valley. and making friends...well...no one wants to stay and play. No newbie wants to stay too. So thats pretty much sums everything on that. And lastly WoE. The essence of ragnarok. What makes the game fun. But without people playing how can it be fun?. One dominant guild dominates everything. One guild with too many members hog everything. And honestly. its not the game for newbies. They have absolutely no chance of getting a castle. Only few castle is up and most of the dominant guild is filled with people who's loaded with everything. So imagine few groups of new player that wants to try out for WoE in their own guild. Zero chance of getting any result. Updates I'm not gonna say you're not doing any. I know you did a lot (recent update). And we thank you for that. But is it possible if the speeding of each updates be faster then it is now? Even if its something so little would be good. People generally doesn't like to play games that's broken. A little of something is better then nothing just to keep our faith in the game going. Sure after reading this some gonna say "the dev team have life too" or "they cant be doing gRo all day since its free". Then whats the point of having the donation option? and to be honest I did donate too. As to why? because I love this game. And i definately doesnt wanna see it gets taken down. Lack of GM's in the game By now some may have said "oh here we go again with the GM issues".I'm saying this because we have GM but somehow we feel like we dont have any. I'm not gonna ask for more events like some did. I'm asking for an active GM that can monitor gRo within certain time that can help not just newbies but other player as well. I myself was almost scammed the other day. I wanted to report it but there's no GM to be seen. By the time there's a GM online, that specific character is long gone and the culprit is still at large. This is just some points that i can think of and maybe, just maybe some others wants to add more. It's for the game we love. So why not help gRo grows together and not just depending solely on players alone.
  6. Ahhh yes my bad. You could try to hunt for stone sage at lhz_dun02 or try buying one form the merchant from the coords Dany posted. Side Note: Make the food he wants for cheaper price else it'll be super expensive
  7. You dont have the requirement item to trade the lif doll hat. I think it was leaf cat card.
  8. Paradox

    Healing Items

    can we have the list of the restriction items?
  9. Lets face it. Who doesn't look cool on sage ring. so my suggestion is to allow other class to wear them yes?no? :3
  10. Royal Guard Exceed Break lowers the movement speed as intended but it didn't amplify damage boost on next attack Mechanic Selfdestruct damage is too high
  11. Vrand Card effect didn't work on reflected damage even if it shows the indication that the debuffs has trigger on the person attacking. It works before the server change btw Tested and it works. Sorc Soul Change didnt work
  12. Hellspawn armor resistance doesnt work
  13. even so, if i get it there a.k.a in Beastboy Box means i CAN wear them which in my case i can't so what now?
  14. Pile Bunker slotted cant be worn. It keeps saying its forbidden to wear or something like that Pile Bunker slotting quest is bugged? or is it un-implimented still
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