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  1. Aii

    Emperium Breaker Test

    Cant hit emper or using skill in room..
  2. Aii

    Ascended Gear Updates

    and why did Star gladiator got nerfed? none care about this class before, when I found the way to play it, it got nerfed...:)
  3. Aii

    Major Client Update

    I have 585 items in storage before, but I'm already cleaning it... and cant check the vip storage, How to check I dont have things left there?
  4. Aii

    Major Client Update

    Can't see emperium weapon for doram in woe shop.
  5. 3. Or else u can warp to new world using warper
  6. When will next updates take place? Is it possible to have fix updates applied first? Just like before, small fix updates.
  7. yee, in the cookie part, if talked too far, I wont be able to move..
  8. There's a case we need to suicide, some time ago, I got error on HTF that forced me to suicide to fix it...
  9. Aii

    Please Fix Sitting Bug

    Please fix this one, it's really annoying, when u get windmill, then u got attacked, character sprite is still standing but in fact u are sitting that u need to press /sit by 2 times to fix it... You cant even tell whether u sit or stand..
  10. May I know the % of it being triggered? and is it possible to increase the trigger rate?
  11. Aii

    Easter Event 2018

    Rather than random winner pool, how about first come first serve for who found the most?
  12. Aii

    Updates & Fixes

    My corner spot behind the flag is gone..xD
  13. Aii

    Althea Renovation

    Blame Michi, Michi shoud've been nerfed...:(
  14. As title said, it can be used on woe 1 castle but can't be used on woe 2 castle. is it bug or intended?
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