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Status Updates posted by Davemo

  1. Wow, this server is still up! :)

  2. Off to Dubai and Abu Dhabi. :D

    1. S4T4N


      Have fun dude ! :D

    2. Davemo
    3. Nazue


      take pictures, bro~

      wanna see something, so post them, would u?


  3. Yey!! New card for my collection!

  4. some people are so consumed by their anger, they turn into monsters...

  5. Gaaaahhhh!!!! server still not up!!

  6. The only thing that smells fishy here is probably your armpit. Beastboy, your classic. Laugh hard on this. :D

    1. Stifmeister


      you mean You're Classic

  7. Already missing out on a lot of things. I should play more.

    1. PapaDom


      yah.. u should.. but Rl first yah..

    2. ~Nik~


      i with agree with Paps:-)

  8. Will be flying to Doha in a few moments. :D

    1. CherrybelleTwibi


      have a safe trip :)

    2. Nazue


      we will wait for u ~

  9. Until we meet again.

    1. Syakila


      Take Care Dave ;)

  10. Already got my plane ticket! :D

  11. You are BALD Sir. :P

  12. officially inactive in-game

  13. 2 more days and i''ll be inactive. D:

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    2. Davemo


      haha. hi pushu. :D

    3. Nazue



      i already miss u >.<

    4. Davemo


      dont worry zue, ill pass by every now and then in the forums :D

  14. My services are for the minority.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Nazue


      thats noble~

    3. ChrisWein~


      less numbers taht has 3 allies :D

    4. Davemo


      @chris wein, i dunno what you're talking about. Get your sources correct.

  15. Just calm down.

  16. Quoted on forums: "oh ow, someones hairline of insanity snapped =)))" Lol'd at this so hard. ^_^

  17. Merry Christmas to all!!

  18. I am back! =D Friends, I'll be online tonight. ^_

  19. Hi Hevn. Sorry, me going online need some time. T_T Miss gRO already.

  20. Hoy Alel! I can see you lurking now in the forums. miss me already? =+p

  21. 2 - 3 weeks of no-gRO for me. Damn PC still in the service center. T_T

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    2. Davemo


      Will buy new PC instead, Oi. Gusto mo bilhin sirang laptop? Refurbish mo na lang. Hehehe..

    3. Nazue


      bro... please fix ur pc-problems <.<

      wanna see u online again ;D

      i really enjoy to chat with u^^

    4. Davemo


      ahaha. Nazue, my lappy is completely busted and it may be a month or even more before I can buy one. But I will be back. Just now, I'll be lurking every now and then in the forums.

  22. Happy Halloween!!

  23. Happy Haloween!

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