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  1. hi,miho :P why don't you get on this server for a while? I know u're busy and aftr all t8 things happened, but some people miss you.

  2. hey GuMiho =) hi hi

    i'm back, well i will back soon =P

  3. well then you should come online don't you think -_-

  4. same :/ i gotta sleep, my head hurts XD look after yourself!

  5. Thanks :) Anyway, it's already 5:33 AM here..my sleep schedule's totally off and I have to work in 3 hours so I'm off now.

  6. LoL you're the one that started it.

    1. ShadeBlade


      Actually no, you started it, you brought up a topic that was dead for probably over a week while you rage quitted, but i guess youre too dumb enough to remember that whole 2 hours ago.

  7. Chill man. Sure ill gtfo. I know that ''truth hurts''.

  8. I dont know what country youre from, but i do know that youre genie and if genie is from korea then sure youre korean but i was pretty sure she wasnt.

  9. I never said that you were American. Holy shit, dude. Just take a chill pill. I'm not sorry for asking you if you were American. If I was sure about you being American, I would have simply said, "You mean I am American." Just relax. I said that I didn't mean that you were American already. What else do you want from me? -_-

  10. OH MY GOD ARE YOU REALLY THAT DUMB? YOU SAID IT 2 COMMENTS BELOW BUT HERE ILL COPY AND PASTE IT JUST FOR YOU: Yeah I think you mean you're American, unless you live in England. Also, you don't talk English. You speak it. Anyway just gtfo


  11. My own instinct.

  12. Its okay, i can see the irritation, and the people who are bugging you on your page. XD *patpat* ignore them, silly.

  13. My point is you say shit like "You mean you're American?" "You're Gay" "You're an idiot" and yet you say im fucking judging and you ALSO said im a Hypocrite? LOL ive never known somone been a hypocrite about calling somone a hypocrite before. And i think i know what country im from more then a person who doesnt even know what gender they are does.

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