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  1. IMPROVED ACCESSORY GUIDE Success Rate: 90% Requirement: 50m zeny, 1 x Slotted Accessory,1 x Mitril Crystal[30 mithril,4 x Mithril Gathering Coin] Talk to Gerard - Item Enchanter @warp mid_camp 165 271 1. To Obtain Slotted Accesory: Ring [1] Item ID# 2621 [Dropped by Bapho,Atroce,etc. 100%,Generated by Socket Enchanting,OBB,OVB,JB] Earring [1] Item ID# 2622 [Dropped by Frus 3%,Generated by Socket Enchanting,OBB,OVB,JB] Brooch [1] Item ID# 2625 [Dropped by Anolian 1%,Generated by Socket Enchanting,OBB,OVB,JB] Glove [1] Item ID# 2624 [Dropped by Sting,Ancient Mummy 1%,OBB,OVB,JB] Rosary [1] Item ID# 2626 [Dropped by Mimic,Aliza,Nightmare Terror 1%,OBB,OVB,JB] Necklace [1] Item ID# 2623 [Old Blue Box,Old Violet Box,Jewelry Box] Bow Thimble [1] Item ID# 2671 [Generated by Socket Enchanting,JB] 2. To obtain Mithril: iPhython's Mining Guide 3. To Obtain Mithril Gathering Coins: Coin Exchanger @warp althea 171 212 4. To Obtain Mitril Crystal: Haphaestus [Mastersmith] @warp geffen 179 57 Special Thanks to Khai for lending me his Imp. accessories to make this guide. ~THE END~
  2. Atleast ROP looks a lot better than Ranibow Sash which is only suited for female chars
  3. Happy birthday Pirate Nik!!! enjoy ur days..

  4. Dreaming...........

  5. Dreaming...........

  6. Back From Retirement^_^

  7. Plz Start D server...M goin nutssssssssssss

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