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Status Updates posted by skip

  1. Thanks babe, glad to see you're still keeping things together here!

  2. thank you tim, you wonderful person.

  3. skip

    Sounds like one too many legendaries. X_x I'm really not sure where that epithet came from. D= But thank you~

  4. skip

    lol I'm a high priest in JZH. :P

  5. Thank ya very much :3

  6. skip

    Thanks, it's been a great day! x3

  7. lmfao, real subtle. Thank you~ And you've gotten a lot better at drawing. *_* Mildly disturbing, but that's nothing new. =P Lemme know where you're lurking lately?

  8. belated congrats on the gm spot. O_O Well deserved and good luck~

  9. skip

    Yep, back again. @[email protected] Hiya~

  10. skip

    Yes~ and you remembered your pw to your old forum acc! Man, I was so happy to see your char in JZH. T_T

  11. I guess so. o.o Although I think I left before your join date, so might I ask what name I knew you by?

  12. too much awesomesauce, that's what's wrong!

  13. is back in-game..

  14. skip

    oh god, raptor jesus? Really? *vomit*

  15. sneaky chad..xP

  16. Facebook is heroin. This is slightly less destructive. I hope. D=

  17. lol, I was hella surprised that marc remembered me and put me on it. @[email protected]

  18. skip

    helluva coincidence. O_o I'm still lost in this new forum though.

  19. miss you

  20. skip

    wow, you're still around?

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