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  1. Thanks babe, glad to see you're still keeping things together here!

  2. thank you tim, you wonderful person.

  3. skip

    Sounds like one too many legendaries. X_x I'm really not sure where that epithet came from. D= But thank you~

  4. skip

    lol I'm a high priest in JZH. :P

  5. Thank ya very much :3

  6. skip

    Thanks, it's been a great day! x3

  7. lmfao, real subtle. Thank you~ And you've gotten a lot better at drawing. *_* Mildly disturbing, but that's nothing new. =P Lemme know where you're lurking lately?

  8. belated congrats on the gm spot. O_O Well deserved and good luck~

  9. skip

    Yep, back again. @[email protected] Hiya~

  10. For tip#1, lol, I'm with dnnk here, although I'm surprised it's still "secret". I remember harada and I using it back in late 2007. If I remember, it works for ranged damage only, since you're using an assassin's throw dagger equip "slot." For poison, just don't. D= Hunt wind/earth converters. It's too easy to just default ED against sinxs. Throw dagger is fine for fun. @tip2, I remember there was a long standing myth that the same card only stacked up to 50%, i.e. 2 hydras = +40%, 3 hydras = +50%, 4 hydras = +60%. This idea might've come from that. Not true, of course, it'll go up to +80%, but you're better off mixing it up anyway since you can get higher damage with multiplicative modifiers. Hara would be mad at me for confirming this one, too.. Fun guide~ Looking forward to more of these little useful hints. It's great that it's nice and neat, too, and easy to read except the hydra calculation numbers. X_x My eyes kind of glazed over at the math.
  11. LKs have this skill called Endure, though.. And there's always RSX card. @[email protected] Clorox was a great sniper, instead of studying up on his guide, if you wanted to contribute something to this section, you might think about writing strategies that he didn't complete in his guide. PvP techniques against LKs or pallies especially might be nice, since they have defending aura.
  12. skip

    Yes~ and you remembered your pw to your old forum acc! Man, I was so happy to see your char in JZH. T_T

  13. I guess so. o.o Although I think I left before your join date, so might I ask what name I knew you by?

  14. too much awesomesauce, that's what's wrong!

  15. lol, I usually call it Martyr's Reckoning because there's no mistaking what skill that is, while Sacrifice is sometimes confused with devotion. Lame of gravity to do that, though. =[ As for combo champs..that was a joke. xP It was just an example of something that does a lot of hits and usually not much damage. Fun to play, but not really a viable build for pvp. As for DD sinx, that's what I used to play in pvp, so I wouldn't really count it low damage, since it has the potential of doing 32k hits at max aspd. Seeker shield..might work, but level 1 stone curse has a 24% base success chance, which gets decreased with int and luk. Even if you assume negligiable reduction from int and luk, that's still 4 casts, more than enough time for a good opponent to switch to ED while you keep wasting your time. As for thorny shield+hob, and your opponent being frozen while you're wearing a marina mace, I'm assuming that's from reflect damage. If so, swordy, thief, and merchant classes could get better from valk mant, since it gives the same base 5% reflect as well 2% more per refine. That would also free you from taking up an accessory slot from the combo. Good tip though~ And yeah, I don't play champ often either, lol. I learned mostly from watching friends, there used to be a great champ here prewipe named Tanake, and I've known quite a few on low rates.
  16. Flame skull gives a chance of casting stun, curse, blind, or stone curse when hit. Goes in shield. A couple major flaws with this, though.. 1. You rely on being hit, which can hurt depending on the class you go up against. SB sinx, MR pally, and champ all rely on burst damage, and your chance-on-being-hit is going to suck against them. 2. You rely on being hit WITHOUT a thara, that's an additional 30% damage you're taking. Better hope you're dueling a combo champ or something else that'll do a lot of hits and not much damage. 3. Three out of four statuses won't even change their armor element. Stun, curse, and blind are useless if you're dueling a GR user. Stone curse works if they have low int, but you have to wait till they fully stone. You're relying on a 5% chance, but there are cards with higher chances, i.e. pest with 77+ int (9%) or dark frame (6%) if you'd like to keep your thara. But I'd probably prefer using the quad weapon to inflict status unless you had a garm card. Also, if you're trying to reach max aspd, knuckles have lower weapon delay for monk classes than maces, so using a 4-slotted +0 Waghnak is ok for marinas, too. I don't know the prevalence of swordbreakers, WS cards, or whitesmiths here, but if that's an issue, maces might still be a better choice since they're naturally unbreakable.
  17. Not a bad start, looking forward to seeing this get expanded with more techniques.
  18. Just wanted to point out, incase anyone still uses this guide, that this info is wrong. Doesn't look like the writer of the guide is still around, which is a pity, because it should be edited. For strength, you get a bonus for every 10 points. The bonus is calculated by dividing str/10, rounding that number DOWN to an integer, and squaring it. So if you had 150 str, that's 150/10 = 15, 15*15 = 225. If you have 149 str, it'll be 149/10 = 14.9, which gets rounded down to 14, then squared = 196. So you want to keep your strength in multiples of 10 for maximum efficiency. Agi, vit, and int don't add any attack. STR adds 1 point of melee base damage per point of strength. It adds 1 point of ranged base damage per 5 points. DEX adds 1 point of ranged base damage per point. It adds 1 point of melee base damage per 5 points. LUK adds 1 point of ranged and melee base damage per 5 points. So basically, you want to keep your strength in multiples of 10, then dex and luk in multiples of 5. For ranged attacks, keep dex in multiples of 10 and str and dex in multiples of 5. The multiples are total values, as in base+whatever you get from job bonuses, cards, equips, and consumables. These are some really basic things to keep in mind when making a build.
  19. is back in-game..

  20. skip

    oh god, raptor jesus? Really? *vomit*

  21. sneaky chad..xP

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