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  1. I call this piece.. "The Mad Queen and her Queensguards" VERSION 1 VERSION 2 [removed] all guildmasters/artists of the guilds featured have authorized me to make a rendition of their guild emblems to be included in this artwork in-game name Gong Griffin Quadrangle
  2. good luck to all artists in the load screen contest!

  3. u cant receive new messages? thats wht it says when i tried to pm yo. :-(

  4. testing

  5. http://i1080.photobucket.com/albums/j324/privateupload/4b517c07.png if you liked my entry kindly click the below do the same for the other entries if you like theirs too!
  6. I apologize I did not clarify myself. Its not a new entry or a late one. My entry was posted for me but there was technical issue that the person who posted was not the real owner so I had to post this for myself as the owner. Its my fault I did not want to register the forums. Im not forums active so I did not bother and wanted someone to post it for me. I thought its okay because I give permission but its not so I had to post this myself like Everade say: It would be great if the real artist could contact us and give us some proper proof that it's really his art (sending a modified PSD file or something) Or he should simply post it by himself into the forums. But message was sent after the deadline. I already mail him proofs. But cannot attach the PSD file because maximum attachement is 10MB. I will give a link to Everade for the PSD file if he asks for it. edit: I collaborated with another artist to make the card art. It's supposed to be a Christmas gift to my friends who were in the card art for the contest. I made the concept sketches prototypes and let the other artist finish it because I was in a vacation with my family. From the look of it he must have hired another artist to finish for him. I don't know if its zearyu. I don't know zearyu. I thought the ownership would be mine and his but since he hired another artist to finish then its no longer fully mine. If its has many technicality then I withdraw the card entry because another artist finished it for me and it does not feel right taking full credit for the finished product when I only made the concept sketches. But for sure the loading screen entry is fully mine. I made it months ago. Here I made new edits on it: Heres the concept sketches and prototypes i made for the card art and loading screen: Sorry I took long to reply I was busy at school. Email me at [email protected] if you need more information. Im not active in the forums so I almost never check. edit: I contacted zearyu myself since she's a friend of my other friend who was a dA artist. She said this: Sorry for the confusion.
  7. I did not want to make a forum account but there were technicalities with someone else posting for me. I will post my own art. I am in my friends house and will be going to school in an hour so i will not be able to check things in the forums until after class. Message me if you need my game charas name if I will win. I am not active on forums so if you gm want to contact me please e-mail me at [email protected] I already sent e-mail to the admin Everade. I cannot check it until later. This is not a new entry. It's for the right ownership. Here are the art.
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