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  1. Tailz

    10Th Anniversary

    Congrats on a great server everade, thank you
  2. Tailz

    Bug Fixes & Updates

    Hey Everade, awesome stuff so far. Not sure if this is a bug or the event is over (please not yet!!!) but the quest item "Piece of Singing Crystal" isnt dropping the the Christmas cookie monsters anymore.
  3. Dear Santa Claus, I fully intended to write about how I've always wanted the Valentines ring to complete my symbol collection and yada yada yada, but I've changed my mind. I was thinking about my time here on gRO and I've realized I've been very blessed with my prizes and gifts I've collected over the years. Christmas is about giving, and instead of another symbol or hat for myself, this year I was hoping I could get a Piamette Hairband to give to a friend of mine. I know he'd really appreciate it, and I'd much prefer to make a friend happy than to receive another item for myself to sit in storage while I'm offline a lot lately. Thanks for taking the time to read my letter, I know you're a busy guy. All the best, Tailz P.S. Tell Dasher I say wasssssupppppppppp
  4. Tailz

    Mirri's Gallery

    Love my chibi, amazing as always!
  5. Love the new character drawing of me on my profile! Thank you for the early bday gift Rah!

    1. Tailz


      Thanks to Mirri too!

    2. Dany
    3. D e M o N

      D e M o N

      Stop stalking my profile. :c

  6. Finally in a place in my life where everythings working out, and I can't stop smiling :)

  7. So...Diablo 3 is amazing

    1. Sissney


      only amazing? o.o

    2. Ahlaken


      really? nice....should try it thn....:D

  8. Can't stop smiling.

    1. Dany
    2. akira21


      Aww.. sum'in good happned?? XD

  9. Such a beautiful sunny day at the San Diego Zoo, now just time to kick back with a few Coronas

  10. You know you had too good of a time at a party when you really hope pictures don't show up on facebook..../swt

  11. I GOT A NEW CAR!!!!! WOO!!!

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    2. Futhark


      wooooooooooo!~ kewl!!

    3. Holly Enix

      Holly Enix

      awesome :D which one if i may ask?

    4. Tailz


      2010 Chevy Aveo :D

  12. Love the event / pets, great job Renee!!!
  13. Superbowl Party! WooWoo!...Don't really care about either team, but hey, at least I have a reason to get drunk with friends!

    1. luna


      Tailzyyyy <3

  14. Ughhhh such a busy day today x__x

    1. Dany


      tell me about it X_X

  15. Tailz

    New Content!

    Absolutly LOVE the Ori / Elu refiner!
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