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  1. So i just wanna know if anyone can help me get my account back... i totally forgot my password and i forgot which email i used to when i made the account. im pretty sure some of the GMs remember me :3
  2. lol sorry bout that.. im fine

  3. Not at all i just didnt get what the hell happened xD but its fine, how you doing :o

  4. oh snap, ure back!

  5. how's my bapho horns doing?

  6. still pissed at me?

  7. Shit Pat i forgot to dload gRO on my laptop

  8. AM I BACK YET?!

  9. Well, tell me it again. I keep forgetting that shit. Lol.

  10. dammit RAI!!!

    wheres that xbox invite?!!!

  11. Yo i gave the Hopping Flir to Ras

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