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  1. So i just wanna know if anyone can help me get my account back... i totally forgot my password and i forgot which email i used to when i made the account. im pretty sure some of the GMs remember me :3
  2. lol sorry bout that.. im fine

  3. oh snap, ure back!

  4. how's my bapho horns doing?

  5. still pissed at me?

  6. Shit Pat i forgot to dload gRO on my laptop

  7. AM I BACK YET?!

  8. dammit RAI!!!

    wheres that xbox invite?!!!

  9. Yo i gave the Hopping Flir to Ras

  10. lol you used that siggie haha

  11. yes sir o also made dnnk's sig and so as the relevations siggie

  12. ill gel it up and take a pic

  13. i miss our skype days

  14. just stating the truth...

  15. its funny how hazy helps you but she's on the KOS list

  16. "So don't expect me to QQ about being kos'd in pvp."

    you dont QQ ingame but you do in skype

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