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  1. hi sir  lip-l-on...is evirade s-l-ill on here deep sleep? ^^....he almos-l- dead in 15 hour ahhh....heheheh ..is a joke ahh don-l- be personal ^^....haiz i miss mah char...also DQ jouri 


  2. Hello Blake The problem isn't caused by your computer/network. Neither are you banned The Map server seems to be offline. Right now it's 3:20 am here in Switzerland, so Everade is still asleep and it might take some time for him to wake up and restart everything necessery. We're sorry for this inconvience and hope GatheringRo will be back online soon Kind regards Lipton
  3. Hello Arthemist The Problem is not caused by your Computer/Network. It seems that the map-server is offline. Right now it's 3:20 am in Switzerland and the Admin (Everade) is still asleep. We're sorry for the inconvience and hope the Server will be back online as soon as possible. Kind regards <GM> Lipton
  4. Join our Facebook page!


    1. D e M o N

      D e M o N

      How many times has a GatheringRO Facebook page been made?

    2. Lipton


      as many times as it has been banned :)

  5. Hello everyone My deepest apologies for not being online to hold this event. During the night, my girlfriend woke me up because she was in great pain and was having high fever. I drove her to the hospital where they found out after a few tests that she has a pyelonephritis (inflammation of the kidney basin). I am sorry for not informing you, especially Izumi. Izumi, please contact me so we can plan to do it on another date.
  6. Every item that can be used in Colosseum can be used in this Event. That makes it a yes.
  7. Baby PVP Tournament Basic information: Date: postponed (Server Time), to be announced (GMT +8). You may only participate with any of the BABY class. You can only join the PVP Tournament with 1 of your characters (no dual client, no joining multiple teams). Event Location will be announced in-game. To register, please fill in this survey. - Name of your baby character with their class in brackets: (e.g.) Deemo (Baby Genetic). You may also register in-game if you don’t have forum account. Just PM LG l Deemo, IzumiSen
  8. *stalks*

  9. Marceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel.

  10. Well if you go to Europe, i can tell you some beautiful places

    1. Lipton


      like our appartment :D

    2. Alexaa


      hahahahaha XD you'll have to be my guides D:<

  11. FORK! i forgot to reply D: you probably thought i died somewhere, hahaha. XD sweden sounds good :o i wanna go backpacking around europe haha

  12. It was good, but it ended too soon! Because everyone was wasted.. shame. XD

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Lipton


      That won't be difficult :D

      our living room looks pretty Nerdy. 2 big computer and a mac which i rarely use (im trying to get GatheringRo running on MAC…)

      Maybe a friend of ours will move to us, but im not that happy about it, but maybe it will work

      so, when you will you visit us? Summer next year? :D

    3. Alexaa


      Lool nerds, goodluck trying to do that on a MAC :P

      Why not happy??

      Hahaha probably if I can get my stuff sorted before I go anywhere XD

    4. Lipton


      i don't think it will work with 3 people in the same appartment. it drives me crazy, it's not possible to run Gro on a mac, because of the updater :D

      i am also thinking where i should go to on the next holidays :D

      i might go to Sweden or something like this

  13. Hello everyone Since a few players asked me what to do with the Bradium Fragments, i thought its time for a Guide. min-Baselevel: 70 needed items: 20 Bradium Fragments needed Quests: Ring of the wise king reward: 3 Manuk Coins, Base und Job Ex In Manuk, you have to go in the building that looks like a Horseshoe (at 309, 322) and talk with the Manuk Eingineer Ask him about collecting Bradium and he will ask to bring him 20 Bradium Fragments. The Fragments will be found at the Bridum Golem. If you have the amount and talk to him again, you will get your reward! You will get 3 Manuk coin
  14. How was the Party on the Weekend? I hope you weren't as wasted as i was :D

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