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  1. Then I'll wait you to nudge me on MSN and start telling me about your new laptop and games =P

  2. Alright. I'm not on MSN so often anymore though, since I got this new laptop I've been playing games. :D But I'll see ya there when we're both online then. xD

  3. Been enjoying my holiday to the MAX ! =P

    Hey, I guess it'd be better to continue on the MSN. Kinda seldom opening the forum nowadays.

  4. Yeah, thanks Serg. How have you been? :D

  5. Welcome back? =P

  6. Just wanna say happy birthday, Nina *breathing fire on you as the present* =D

  7. weks gay pensi jd gm, tanda2 bakal pensi dr gro kah????

  8. What the F??? Oh Well.... Goodluck IRL Sergio

  9. Sergiooo, why. ):

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