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  1. Then I'll wait you to nudge me on MSN and start telling me about your new laptop and games =P

  2. Been enjoying my holiday to the MAX ! =P

    Hey, I guess it'd be better to continue on the MSN. Kinda seldom opening the forum nowadays.

  3. Welcome back? =P

  4. Just wanna say happy birthday, Nina *breathing fire on you as the present* =D

  5. Has decided to resign from GM team due to his inactiveness and IRL issues. Sorry for any mistakes I've done, guys :)

  6. Yo man sorry to tell you that I disappointed with those... degrading words.

    Enjoy your new warn level and another week of forum account suspension :)

  7. I got a work on church today.

    So yeah, I'm sorry man but I hope I could online later =

  8. WTH *throws the snowman to the sun* MUHAHAHAHA 8DD

    Heck yeah. And I'll need to rest early today since I'm lack of sleep nowadays lol.

  9. *spit you some FIREBALLS* MUHAHAHAHHA 8D

    Finally able to get some breath lol.

    Well still another week of exam so yeah xD

  10. Omg a snowman o_o

  11. I barely know you but heck I see that you're having birthday today.

    So let me congratz you at least :)

  12. All signatures must not exceed 500 px long by 150px high including text and images. ---> please edit your siggy, Diss =P

  13. Dia laptop ny baru dibenerin minggu depan.

    Paling dia ngasih ny pas dah bener itu.


  15. Waduh lupa bales koment kemaren².

    Yodah gw ngespam aj d /gg

  16. MUHAHAHAHAHHA peace² =P

    Sini suit dulu.

    Kalo lo menang 3x gw balikin /gg

  17. Gw mau naek banding !!

    Dengan alesan: gw dah maen dari 2 taun lalu !!! /gg /gg /gg

  18. Yoi donk gw kan setia =P

  19. Kode etik itu peraturan moral ga tertulis demi kehormatan /gg

    Maap, mulai sekarang itu bukan kata² lo karena gw dah bikin itu sebagai COPYRIGHT (= HAK MILIK GW) DULUAN MUAHAHHAHAHAHA !!!

  20. Ya ampun emang setan nih si tante wkwkwkkwkw.

    Sori gw megang teguh sama yang namany kode etik /gg

    Makany yang ada gw malak Cursed Water ny dari lo /gg

    Sisca kan baekkkkkkkk /gg /gg

  21. Kan itu ga dipake cuman break emper tapi buat kill juga !!

    Orang kan suka pake Devi/GR makany gw pake Cursed Water buat counter itu = gw butuh 1 Cursed Water tiap 2 menit /gg

    Tapi itu blon keitung kalo gw kena Dispell ato mokad jadi efekny ilang dan mesti make lagi /gg

    Masih baek tuh 60. Kalo jaat gw minta 90 malah buat jaga² /gg /gg

  22. WoE kan 2 jem !!

    Kalo tiap 10 menit gw pake 1 Cursed Water = 120/10=12. Eh cukup ya?

    Tiap 2 menit d kalo gitu = 120/2=60 ---> ga cukup tau !! /gg

  23. FYI, none of the BVH or DLH or GDH or LKH requirements may be told in the forum.

    So yeah :)

  24. Please edit this one ---> http://www.gatheringro.ch/_forum/index.php?showtopic=32107&st=0&p=288483entry288483

    Else I'll be the one who gonna edit it.

    Thanks for understanding.

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