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  1. whatsup kid d:

  2. *fap fap fap fap fap*

  3. happy new year bob! :D

  4. KIA? wazzat?

    Yeah where you? =(

    The last time we talked, u upped and disappeared ~.~

    Pfsht MIA!

  5. lol,psht KIA ;DD

    anyway so hows you? havnt spoken to you in a while ;)

  6. papaya! is MIA! D8!

  7. Stupid limit thing! You get the rest! xD

    But damn i love that part the most! LOL!


    Sunlight moonlight u lit my life

    Realizing the night while love shines bright

    Can't let you go

    We were meant for forever baby let me know

    This past without you can't forget you

    let me be the cloud hanging above me

    Raining on me Missing your touch

    Nights get long and it's hard to clutch

    We're apart it breaks my heart It...

  9. Koe wo kikasete

    Yasashiku nareba motto

    Aishiaeru hazu sa

    Me wo sora sanai de

    Koe wo kikasete

    Karami tsuku fuan mo sabishisa mo koete yukou

    Ima no kono kimochi ga kizuna ni naru

    buahaha i can sing most of it nows LOL

  10. QQ buddy!~


    I smell an asian leprechaunish minx....hmmm >.>

  11. haroo buddy :D

  12. bob how was nursing career? hehehe, -ej here

  13. No no no.. since my MOONface xDDDDD

    You unreliable kiu kiu buddy...you upped and left me with a bbl and never came back >.>

    QQ indeed ~.~

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