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    Poon O_O
  1. and another stalker ;o

  2. now it can be abused as a shoutbox /gg

  3. Unity

    Pvp Event

    Character Name (Exact):U n i Character Level:250/120 Character Class:Paladin
  4. Unity

    European Meeting

    with 16 u r allowed to drink beer and wine ._. with 18 mostly the rest (there r some exceptions)
  5. Unity

    European Meeting

    lol wont work everade since she means the geographic europe not the union! xD and "This meeting is only for the European players of GatheringRO, but if outside players really want to come, they can come join us." like tama said >D
  6. wtf is u doin here dustin nub O_O xD

  7. xD...That was really just random...xD

  8. Happy Bday...*random*

  9. List couldn't fit in all the comment space I have.

  10. rofl why i am not?

  11. You're not innocent. >>

  12. wtf xD this is the best guide in the whole forum >D
  13. OMG YOU I heart j00r picture

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