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  1. Yey major buff on sorcs pls. Jk. I can't think of any way to revamp sorcs tho. I think the gm team lacks help on balancing.
  2. eli---

    Ascended Gear Updates

    Added new Emperium Equipment to Emperium Armor Chest?? I thought you had no plans in placing these? oh well.
  3. eli---


    There are two types of picky. Tame the one with no shell on its head.
  4. Yea I guess I did gender change. Thanks!
  5. So I was about to play and suddenly i can't log in due to error and it crashes after This happened just right before entering character select screen
  6. eli---

    Acid Demo cast time

    So I recently got my +9 geffen magic robe and paired it with my temp dex boots. With stats enough to reduce all variable cast time , 185 dex to proc the -.3 fixed cast time from the temp dex boots, and the -.1 fixed cast time from +9 geffen magic robe I expected that I would have a cast time of .6 seconds and about .1 seconds if with sacra.A What happened was casting Acid Demo had no cast time just by wearing +9 geffen magic robe and temp dex boots without sacra. I think this is a bug and should be fixed. Is it safe to use these equips? or would I be considered a bug abuser by using these? Thanks EDIT: Asked everade and told me Acid Demo only have 0.4 fixed cast time. Closed
  7. Yes, I tried that but also looking at it visually there seems to be no effect in the cast time
  8. I tried Psychic wave with and without fenrir card and there seems to be no difference. I was expecting the cast time to be a little bit faster than with sacra. Also, I have not compared cast time of other skills with and without fenrir. Please check, thanks
  9. Dear Santa, I am Challengeur ingame, my real name is Eli 23 years old. It has been like 7 years since I started playing in this server. This Christmas I hope you would give me a Costume Drooping Kiehl (Item Id:19600). This costume is what I desire the most and would give me a stronger look ingame. Merry Christmas Santa, I hope you would consider my request. Eli
  10. eli---

    Shadow walk[1]

    What a useless slot
  11. eli---

    Shadow walk[1]

    I'd like to ask if why is there no chance for shadow walk[1] to cast cloaking when it's description in game says so? If we check the data base item ID # 2486 there is no script on cloaking while for item ID # 2426 (Shadow walk with no slot) there is a script on cloaking.
  12. eli---

    Land Protector

    seems like GMs don't have replies to this concern. Few similar reports were made in the past.
  13. eli---

    Berzebub Card

    Oh i see. Thanks!
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