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    Anime, Manga, Drawing, Ragnarok Online, Videa and Computer Games, Music of any genre if it sound good
  1. KALIIII QQ! I miss you already la. D:! Sheesh ring me a bell next time or something.. D: just send me a mail.. lol Pm me if you want my email man. xD

  2. Just dropping in to say hi and wish you well.

    I sort of wish I could go back in time and relive days long gone by when I had time to play GRO. I miss GRO sooo much but its so addictive that I dare not start it again till i have time and now that I'm working 2 jobs idk when that will be :

    Anyway hope you're doing ok and I want you to know I haven't forgotten you ;D

  3. Happy Birthday~ ^^

  4. @[email protected]; sorry I've only seen the drawings now. xD Buseh buseh. ;~;. Amagad tho. @[email protected] The last two pictures up there were goood. ;~; *wishes to be able to draw like that*

  5. xD I'll check it out and happy new year Kalikins :3!

  6. I've started another art thread and since you expressed interest in my works I figured I'd let you know. This thread is non RO related stuff though.

  7. >: Good coz I might download Gathering again if I clean my hard drive. xD!~ Then I'll get to visit from time to time. :3

    @Eva: HAI EVA D:!

  8. Hi there, I hope you are well :D. Anyway I know its been ages since I was last on the actual sever playing but I've been busy as hell latelly. But don't worry I haven't quit yet, when that day comes I'll put a formal notice in my profile, till then I'm just trying to find some time to update and get back on.

  9. Good to know. It´ll be good to rebuild your guild as well - I have chars formerly from it who´d definitely join again :)

  10. Hi eva I just want to let you know that I'll be getting my GRO client up to date soon so we can play again :D.

  11. I'm doing fine, thanks for asking though I'm busy as hell atm XP. I hope you are well and I just want you to know I haven't forgotten about u :3.

  12. xD I'll be dropping by in here. I uhh.. deleted my gRo and I must download it sometime when I have a chance x.x;;! Tell Eva I said hi kali 83. I miss both of yew >:. I've been busy with the new server and with my college work. I don't know I survive it. seriously xD! prolly the no sleeping policy. xD take care kalipooh 83. Love yew lots

  13. I'm happy to hear you'll be dropping in sporadically. Eva got back a few days ago and so I'll be starting up shortly as well. However tis school time so I'll be busy juggling multiple things. Love ya lots kimmy, please stay well :3.

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