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  1. Just dropping in to say hi and wish you well.

    I sort of wish I could go back in time and relive days long gone by when I had time to play GRO. I miss GRO sooo much but its so addictive that I dare not start it again till i have time and now that I'm working 2 jobs idk when that will be :

    Anyway hope you're doing ok and I want you to know I haven't forgotten you ;D

  2. I've started another art thread and since you expressed interest in my works I figured I'd let you know. This thread is non RO related stuff though.

  3. Hi there, I hope you are well :D. Anyway I know its been ages since I was last on the actual sever playing but I've been busy as hell latelly. But don't worry I haven't quit yet, when that day comes I'll put a formal notice in my profile, till then I'm just trying to find some time to update and get back on.

  4. Hi eva I just want to let you know that I'll be getting my GRO client up to date soon so we can play again :D.

  5. I'm doing fine, thanks for asking though I'm busy as hell atm XP. I hope you are well and I just want you to know I haven't forgotten about u :3.

  6. I'm happy to hear you'll be dropping in sporadically. Eva got back a few days ago and so I'll be starting up shortly as well. However tis school time so I'll be busy juggling multiple things. Love ya lots kimmy, please stay well :3.

  7. Oh one last thing I do have an AIM account so if you want my username just ask :3.

  8. So I take it you've moved on? Well thats to bad but if thats what you want to do I support it :3. I probably won't tag along with you for a while if at all -_-. But we still can look back on all the good times we had hear. Eva will miss you though not as much as me since she never was on most of the time we were ^_^;;. I'll be hear so if oyu want to talk just PM me ;3. Take care my fri

  9. Quite? Come on kimmeh I'd tell you I was leaving before I did which I don't plan do do just yet despite my huge losses -_-;;.

    I'll be on sporadically since I have work and class XP but unless I tell you I'm going I'll be around ;D.

  10. Er the PM wasn't something I could tell it was more of my art XD

  11. Kimmy why haven't you replied to my PM? D:

  12. I agree with Panties, lots of us still have a ton of love and respect fro you since we see the big picture :D.

  13. It was a lot of fun playing with you but i understand that your new job will make GRO almost impossible to make time for :(. Well you will be missed, but good luck.

  14. OMG Gaiaonline is so lovely XD. *cough* Anyhoo, whats new kimmy :3 ?

  15. Hi Rhiann I hope you're doing well

  16. Well 1st off hi Rhiann, I hope you are doing well :D. Anyway I left a reply on your storage clean out thread regarding the valk shields. Well until next time take care ;D.

  17. Hiya Khim, idk what your favorite cookie is so i just brought u 2 of every kind XD. Enjoy teh cookies ;3

  18. Nice avi and profile pic Enma :D

  19. So you're a Negima fan eh. Cool seems you've gotten to know my good friend Evangeline a little bit :D.

  20. Hiya Skip how is life? :D

  21. Congrats on making GM team I had a feeling you would be one someday :D. I was right and in all honesty I think you'll be a good GM too :3. Take care and thanks again for saying happy B-Day to me

  22. lol why'd u rant in my comment box about something rather random XD? Oh well i hope you are ding well :D.

  23. *Gasp* Is this true, are you leaving? 0_o

    Well that might explian why I never see you on anymore -_-. Anyhoo take care of yourself regardless.

  24. Fufufufufu 1st comment yays XD. Meh well I'm sure you can tell by the name who I am >:3 lol

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