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  1. It was me last night who disguised players and eventualy this bug was found; I prompted D e M o N to report his finding before people started trolling others with it! It can only happen if the character disguised is on a party, and will most likely crash the player, or DC it.
  2. Santa replied now to whom he had chosen for the one lucky person that will get his present this year. He mentioned in his letter that sadly the one that was the most creative asked for an item that was not yet supposed to be implemented! Although it was confusing for Santa. Withouth further waiting, the winner is Sadam! Santa read his whole letter twice! For he couldn't belive he had forgotten the warrior that had came to his rescue last year! Santa explained that he had to rush back, to make sure all gifts were delivered on time, and had to replace some wich had been broken!! Reason why last
  3. Santa will no longer receive any letters! Thank you everyone who joined into our forum event! The winners will be announced in the 28th of this month, here in this topic. Those who were warned for asking for OP items who did not change their requests, will no longer be considered participants. Any wish changed after the event was over will also be desqualified. Thank you again for joining and happy holidays :3.
  4. Hiellow Santa! Its me Sissney. First of all sorry for the late letter but I have been very busy bothering helping people! And kinda forgot to write to you. By now you should have already most things finished and all letters read, but I suppose a few late ones will still make the cut; I hope so at least~ Our mailing destributor went on vaccations before we could write our letters! Now we have a new destributor that guaranteed me that they could deliver to the north pole in less than 1 hour; I hope they can so my letter gets to you before everything is complete. If anyth
  5. Problem with doram is their overal height. The wings are big, bigger than them if we're realistic. Half of the wings would be clipped into the ground if they could wear it.
  6. I'm sure when the fix is released, Everade will implement and announce it straight away~ Please be patient, for this is a really complicated issue :3
  7. It was a short lived time for that highness heal~
  8. It doee not make it useless, makes it balanced. Being able to basicaly spam highness heal is the ridiculous part. A 1second reduction is already very good. Even a 0.5sec is already nice, for if done right, that skill can surpass 200k with a single heal. I'm sure you understand what a 3second reduction would do.
  9. Wow Congratulations! I never witness, but i'm proud of you sissy!!! <3 i'm back woe-ing again

    1. Sissney


      hiellow :3
      yeah happend a while ago, but then busy busy busy x~x
      hope I'll see you in woe when I manage to join :D

  10. wow~ GM Sis! xD cool /bo

    1. Sissney


      Thankies :3
      When you comming back? :333333

  11. That skill has been like so, for over a year, so I suppose it's either meant to be like so; or someone already reported it, or nobody did, wichever~ It was a fun skill to use though
  12. If I'm not wrong it never did show. It works like some +% ATK/ +% MATK bonuses, that we can't see, but we can defenitively feel~
  13. This feature has not been working for around a year, I belive, and has been adressed before. Non the less I'm not sure if the srolls are meant to not work, or if they're just bugged. Let's wait for an answear from Everade~
  14. Heya Kat, so first off, Scapegoat is gone, it was abusive and was game breaking; it has been completely removed. It had been gone for a rather long while now, at least 3 months I belive. As for the Devotion skill it might also be blocked, because again it might be game breaking. I am not sure on it non the less.
  15. This issue has been adressed before, and there is an ongoing list, please repost in there~
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