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  1. Khim

    Hi slut. I miss you too, bitch.

  2. yeah ! I miss the good 'ol days.

    Didn't really have much time to play :( but I'll see if I can re-download :3

  3. hahahaha are you coming back? :c i miss our ladies crew, having gigantic wars with other people in pvp and laughing in morocc about other people! XD aww thanks

  4. Miss you lots ! :D and belated congratulations on being a GM. well, you were always a loyal Gathering-ian haha !!

  5. OMGGGGG KYLIEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥

  6. kyli3

    hi panget :) miss you !!!!

  7. Hey there lovely ^.~

  8. Reading through all my past posts and I'm starting to miss everyone already :( I was such a warfreak :3 haha !

  9. hey :) miss you guys :)

  10. I miss you even though we don't talk much :(

  11. *Tickles* miss you =]

  12. LOL~ I remember from the pre-wipe days, you and Hannah were the first ones who commented I should be part of the GM team. I miss you~


  13. well it's about time you're part of the GMTeam ;)

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