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  1. Sawkin

    Gach Doodles

    Sweeeeeet Halloween themed ❤️ Haunted Harvest is here woooo, I love it
  2. Omg. Look at all these tiny little details. 🤤🤤🤤 Amazing as usual, awesome drawing should be your middle name ☺️
  3. Looking at this makes me wanna do my own art again... but compared to this its nothing. Hahaha. But hey, having fun is all that matters. If it keeps your brain busy and makes you happy, GO FOR IT! Art is a therapy, really ~ I think I'll just stick to music 😜 So I'll repeat myself again, keep on the good work. I love what you do ^^
  4. Good job on the guide!! Easy to follow, not over charged, it doesn't hurt my eyes and it is well explained!!!!! Awesomness ~
  5. So much beautiful colors ❤️ Makes me think I still have to print this!!! Keep up the good work on your digital art. Its Eye candy to me :3
  6. Nice and clean guide right there! I love the fact you didn't spoil how to pass the challenges each Pro Hunter offers. Its Thrilling ~
  7. Alot of fun to the montral medieval fair this year. Met tons of people, alot of amazing costumes too. Be it medieval, fantastic, fantasy, steam-punk, post-apo themed. All were sooo great looking. The Wendigo The badass guys crew The rotting Rat John Snow Cosplay The indian-ish girl Nature girl who was selling these awesome necklace and earrings made with resine locking up real dryed flowers inside. The "Samurai" Drow (aka dark elf) Doomsday Represent Some kind of druid girl Post-apocalytic Character The Raven and his little Girl Best leather craftman mention goes to my friend which whom i was working with this weekend And of course my Pirate-ish Self
  8. Sawkin

    Easter Event 2018

    I honestly gave up after 12 duckies. 😂 Nice treasure hunt, harder than the cats!
  9. Also : @aloottype <Type name or ID> 0 - healing 2 - usable 3 - etc 4 - armor 5 - weapon 6 - card 7 - pet egg 8 - pet armor 10 - ammo @aloottype <reset> to reset
  10. Say hi to the donuts from my work <3 Of course we have one for valentines day, doesnt this look yummy? (well it is mwahaha). No i am not such a pig to eat them all, thought i know i could xD
  11. Sawkin

    December Patch

    By getting the Adventurer's Set.. After equiping it doesnt seem to change any stats at all out of the actual DEF from these equips : Armor 110DEF Garment 20DEF Boots 15DEF None of the description effect applies to all 4 of them, Armor, Garment, boots and Accessory.
  12. Happy Holidays to everyone from Ace and Hachi! <3 Merry xmas everyone!
  13. Workaholic once again. I'll get through it someday!

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