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  1. ofc thats why he is asking a revamp right? 😄
  2. LMAO. of course you gotta play with resist. mind games i guess? Please, sorc just put up aoe skills from a far away. thats why there is cards can boost up elemental attacks as well for a fair play i guess? Resistance items is unquestionable and not a surprise already. you cannot have all. my RK cant even get near once I get disabled by wl/sorc. with continuous spam of skills. for me its hard to get near if you are on woe base pvp. unless its pvp room then it might be considerable its OP. woe is already -40% damage and sorc still deals a lot of damage and have disable skills too. I wish my RK can do that also. Vacuum or my IB have crystalization effect as well so i can get him after i spam all my stuffs. with IB+ SB then that will be ultimately OP. Also elementals are counter with elementals as well. I I dont get it why are you surprise with elemental reductions and stuff. I must be newb then. In official servers sorcs are prove to be the most formidable and strong character since they play around with elements. now that they introduce new cards and stuff there will be changes. Every class has advantages and disadvantages. my RK dies in 2 sets because i dont wear kades and only rely on hagalaz ,gtb/thara frog if they dont do dispell on me. If I wear kades then I would be tanky for sorc. But 40k on kades? not sure about that. . Even stormblast is elemental now and not neutral. but in woe its different i will die in physical damage dealers gene/sacri/wargbites or warlock SE. So I play safe bet and put noxious on my mantue. kades and farb cards are so situational and a gamble. so does other elemental amplifier cards as well. Also for instances if I wear Champion card on RK, I gotta gamble my full damage to my resistance to thanatos since i dont have -50% def/mdef and def. there are cards counter for cards as well. Its not like it is new to you. Well as for rebalance/revamp ,sure, I dont even object to changes as well. Its inevitable. You guys want all in 1 character that have all advantages ( MS/Damage/Disable) and kazalus wants only a slight buff after all these nerfs made on sorc and I think it needs a revamp for some of sorc skills that are think its gradually nerf more than a slight nerf. Now the new sets gives a lot of potential builds and stuff, Im not surprise if there is full tank RG. and just walks around and rubs privileges on enemies face. squishies have range and damage advantage and melee have strong advantage in close combat. but you guys want both in 1 char.
  3. Actually there is nothing wrong about what he said. he just wants a small buff and thats it but for me, sorcs should be the sustain dps/disabler of the guild and not bursty one. since they are handed with set of skills and rotations. so it will be fun rather than pressing 1 skill to kill an enemy. Beside we all forget that there are ROLES in each guild. Back in the day there are these "JOBS" they are good at, for example, did u see a support genetic? everyone seems like to kill rather than support a guildmate. there are no longer JOBS in the server, only killing. That is why @Everade put some new sets in order to fulfill that goal that one day there will be someone who plays as a support , a tank, an ADC, or a Sustain DPS. Each role should be fulfill within those sets made and customize by our Admin. If you are angry that you are not able to kill a super tanky RG for a sorc/wl/gene in woe then you are the problem, as you can see, they are built for tanking rather than killin ppl, there are a lot of builds, sets of items and custom items which are doable for each class. Come on ppl, my RK dies in 1 set of Sorc skill before now I die in 2 sets of skills of the sorc, am I nub? they still hurts like hell with kades and still I play. Just test, invest, innovate builds. be creative. There is no harm investing a zenies for your theories and stuffs if it pays in the long run. Cheers mate and have fun.
  4. yeah tested and prove with demon. what are your thoughts? seems like on low lvl mosnter i did about 5.4m with lex atherna and 2.5m without lex with 2 megingjards and a blade weapon. but on test dummy i did about 35k-50k. depending on elemental converters i used. does this affect pvp/pve content? or its just the monster lvl is too low. @Everade @Rayleigh thoughts on IB? a bit high or on purpose to play multiple builds on pvp?
  5. Revamp of the guide coming soon. A lot of newbie players ask for some PVE/PVM content of the guide. I will also add some sample chain combos, burst PVE skill rotation . since the new Meta of the server added by our beloved Admin and Developer has shifted from spamming META to super burst META. RK became popular again for these updates not to mention the Executioner set update plus the new Gladiator set in BG and also about new Emp armors. so stay tune
  6. yea all those siege suits effects atleast on town and Woe_map. before you enter castle 100% hp, enter castle 80% HP hahaha #feelsbadman
  7. Is it possible to enable effect on town and WOE_core the BG and EMp sets? its kinda frustrating when you enter castle maps and your HP goes up but it not100% you have to heal again to ABs and gene
  8. is there any incoming buffs for the set? its like so apart with the emp sets or the current old emp set or will you guys surprise us more ?
  9. LKshaye

    New Instances

    I was about to go haitus then I saw this one. OKAY TIME TO GRIND! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!
  10. Why does the spiral have a lot of damage compare to hundred spear? does the hundred spear nerfed?
  11. My all time motivation Capt'n Steve Rogers HBD!
  12. thanks! I always wonder what sorc items does overall guide 10/10 need some sprites on items so everyone can see what kind of item is that.
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