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  1. yeah tested and prove with demon. what are your thoughts? seems like on low lvl mosnter i did about 5.4m with lex atherna and 2.5m without lex with 2 megingjards and a blade weapon. but on test dummy i did about 35k-50k. depending on elemental converters i used. does this affect pvp/pve content? or its just the monster lvl is too low. @Everade @Rayleigh thoughts on IB? a bit high or on purpose to play multiple builds on pvp?
  2. Revamp of the guide coming soon. A lot of newbie players ask for some PVE/PVM content of the guide. I will also add some sample chain combos, burst PVE skill rotation . since the new Meta of the server added by our beloved Admin and Developer has shifted from spamming META to super burst META. RK became popular again for these updates not to mention the Executioner set update plus the new Gladiator set in BG and also about new Emp armors. so stay tune
  3. LKshaye

    New Instances

    I was about to go haitus then I saw this one. OKAY TIME TO GRIND! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!
  4. Why does the spiral have a lot of damage compare to hundred spear? does the hundred spear nerfed?
  5. My all time motivation Capt'n Steve Rogers HBD!
  6. thanks! I always wonder what sorc items does overall guide 10/10 need some sprites on items so everyone can see what kind of item is that.
  7. also when i log in it wont go to server and character selection? any tips/suggestions i might work on?
  8. also i cant see my genesis wing and my skill bar fly upwards after i warp into another map
  9. I cant see my Genesis wing Everade and thank you for the major update! more power
  10. you need into be in a wall for the 3rd hit
  11. Q1: well there is an NPC inside althea building just use Althea guide and select Stylist Q2: been in 12 years in GRO i still dont have any Idea ( maybe sell them in NPC i guess) Q3: IDK about Francisco
  12. LKshaye


    Me after I lost 6-10 blessed ores on single Item without making the item +9 to +10 when upgrading Post yours guys only for fun!
  13. WTF 6 tries to +10 a +9 armor and no success? WTF is this?

  14. LKshaye

    Updates & Fixes

    Connection is fine here in Mindanao Philippines. Only Manila I guess in Luzon
  15. Updated! Mostly Ingame new items and Overall Guide Renovations! Enjoy Boyes and Hot Grills in game!
  16. SHH its the Titan using hardening skill. You might break wall Althea and titans will walk on us! jk anyways +1
  17. LKshaye

    Althea Renovation

    Michi should stop cosplaying world boss Werewolf. . In my opinion overall if right equips and great internet connection it is really op plus not to mentions his skills. If twitching the skill for a lil wont hurt a bit.
  18. LKshaye

    Althea Renovation

    Thanks for sending us in year 3000! Althea looks great Looking forward for more updates!
  19. LKshaye

    February Patch

    Not OP at all, just reading and experimenting items and burn a lot of zeny Thats all
  20. LKshaye

    February Patch

    Enough reason to play in the afternoon. no more boring sleeping afternoon for us <3 (SNEAKING AT MY BOSS) ( LIVE LIFE DANGEROUSLY)
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