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  1. what i wouldn't give, to re-live the old days and say "hi" once more

  2. hey spiffy how u been?? its been ages right. sorry i didnt reply soon....

    whats life been for you?? want to chat on msn?

  3. AKIN !!!!!!! -ubber hug- omg ur back in gro ?? when did this happen??

    i might join back lol

  4. your an 90k year old myth

  5. whats haberday supposed to mean?

  6. eats berry =D yum *throws bomb at u* thank u >:P im 15 now bleh im old

  7. THANK YOU NERO MAN !!!!!!! we gotta cook chocolate together remember that !! or ill slap ur pecos butt

  8. thank u dane lol wow first time i see so many comments on my profile (wonder why lulz)

  9. so much for "going to bed earily" =p but than you nab

  10. i dont need oscar card i beat it !

  11. thanks paya man xD ur hair looks coolio in the second pic heh

  12. OMG SPIFFY ?!?!?! ur back ?!!? where are u spiffy !?!?! i deleted u from my msn 8(...... emoness got to me sorry. WHERE ARE U !!?!?!

  13. estaba pensandolo pero desidi que no, seria lo mismo que unde o la situasion seria mas peor. Unde odia a apoc, y si me uniera seria el despresio + odio de unde que estuviera ensima mio. Me la paso sola enrealidad, casan gold o sino mvps.

  14. wooo hooo first comment means i get to pop ur profile cherry hahahahahahahaha i do this to everybody lol

  15. me devolvieron my nebula como obsequio de navidad pero esta ya no tenia la maya p card. No importa pero... solo voy a tratar de cazar otra ^^ muchas gracias otraves por toda la ayuda

  16. merry xmas abril !! hope u got everything u hoped for

  17. merry christmas idiot, get urself back in gro

  18. merry christmas oscar, my yui card still owns ur card btw hahaha

  19. merry christmas zie, u look very angry in ur pic

  20. merry christmas masoru, i like ur pictures.

  21. merry christmas to you as well.

  22. cookie mahstah

    ur abbs look like pork buns :o

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