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  1. sorry gms if i posted a bad report but i just saw that some other guy on forum did the same and rhiann took care of it.

  2. aww man cinji well anyways bro i still got no good helm same as always gdh well good luck on fixing.

  3. well, my ro is fucked up... sorry for tha language, tho i srsly tried, aint workin... and if id ask Everade... he'd kill me :( I hope not TT.TT

  4. thxs man for telling me what you said.

  5. X_x Oh man, everyone else is on extreme but me >.>


    How're youuuuuu?

  6. no what i dont get is uhm what picture ????

  7. girls having sex i am meaning i cant believe u dont get it.

  8. what? weird picture of girlsdoing whaaa? weirdo :))

  9. thxs for encouraging me not to quit gro.

  10. u deserve a vh man for what youve done for me.

  11. i mean thats a weird picture that i think shows a girl doing it.

  12. im doing just fine, having fun with my new pet

  13. huh?? what do you mean? i dont understand you -_-

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