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  1. It isn't hard to have fun on gRO is it? What's your favorite pvp char/build?

    1. Kenzie Riann

      Kenzie Riann


    2. Abbathor



    3. Kenzie Riann

      Kenzie Riann


  2. I had a chance to fight Beelzebub and managed to land a lot of overbrand hits, it's messy to fight him... Anyways these are the few things that might be causing an issue: No GTB: The amount of negative spells that Beelzebub oozes is crazy, that could be messing with your chances of hitting him. Cast Cancel: You aren't using a Phen card or similar items to avoid having your cast canceled. Blind Effect from Evil Land: Reduces your hit by 25%. In conclusion, I don't think it's wise to fight him without a shield, the reflect will help you defeat him as well tog
  3. I am actually having the same issue
  4. This comment is the sole reason I posted a reply so no, I am not posting out of stupidity or ignorance, for years this server has had an issue with minorities complaining about people not using the game the way it was intended and demanding that something be done about it, the first change I remember was the healing items restriction during woe, minorities (myself included) complained about yggdrasilberry usage during WoE, which is story I don't want to get into, but it was changed and it brought a fresh nice new vibe to the server, priests with healing became the norm in every woe after that.
  5. I don't understand why do we have to even consider banning anything everyone complains about, is it really worth it to listen to the "community" if all they do is moan and groan about every little damn thing? I am all for listening to the community but this is beyond stupid, if dual clienting is so bad then why not just roll with it like everyone else has done in the last 10 years? It's not like you are more effective by dual clienting, fuck, if anything you are waaay less effective by handling 2 chars at once, it's just like having two freaking girlfriends, you will never be able to satisfy b
  6. I know it's illegal to bump topics but it's either that or make a new one which I don't think it's legal either. Any answer to this anytime? If not I would at least like to see if you can decard my Pile Bunker [1] which has a Thanatos card stuck on it. It's been 22 days since I got that damn thing and I can only feel hate when I see it sitting in my storage.
  7. No need for party, just use a fully geared RG for mvps like Farb, Skoll, LHZ and WW. A lot of classes can hunt the less hard to beat mvps like Randgris and Tao and the rest of the small peeps, try Sura or even Mechanic. This is a high rate server, I really don't know why are we still trying to freaking do the whole mvp party thing. As a side note, Belphegor is the only good mvp to hunt with a big party.
  8. Sura and Mechanic reporting in! They both fail in the last few bits of HP. LOD, Detale, Samurai Specter... I'm not sure if it's a skill they use but I've seen this happen way way way back.
  9. Got a Pile Bunker[1] from Beastboy Box but my Mechanic can't wear it for some reason. Tom Yum Goong sprite is missing and gives me errors me when I try to click it. It's stuck in a char named Perseus in my account.
  10. Mass Effect 3. Amazing co-op multiplayer.
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