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  1. What the hell...

  2. lol that was funny that you posted 3 of the same thing i was like hmm ok someone wants me to wear a hode card xD

  3. There will be always the "NEXT THING" Anyways.. Imbalanced for me.. Taekwon, Star Gladiator, Soul Linker = BLOKES on 3rd job implementing
  4. Imbalanaced... LoL After the 3rd job.. there'll be 4th job...
  5. If you must know... Percentage cards do not work on Cart Termination. If you dont believe me.. Try it out for yourself
  6. Dont misunderstand some of the words.. Especially the cursing ones

  8. Add some colors... And gtb counters coma
  9. Coma daggers are for gay.... People tend to use it on WoE Dispelling coma dagger.. Rofl
  10. ZeratuL

    Sonic Blow Guide

    Only meant it to SK.. Most pallys on hellbox dont have 200 luk.. They got 200 dex instead. Theyre not like pallys in deathbox who are berry whores
  11. ZeratuL

    Sonic Blow Guide

    Doing SBK on pallys are useless Do Throw Venom Knife instead.. Especially if your using status ailment cards
  12. I seee you zeraaa

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