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Status Updates posted by Argatlahm

  1. Just in case anyone is wondering, the armor enchant npc is working fine, ignore the rewards on the daily quest npc, those shouldn't be there

  2. I am confident on the checks I had on the code, the fact that you arr still seeing the option means you havent reach the pot limit

    1. OLOKin


      can you give us a hint on how many mithril to donate? ^_^

  3. sigh... what sloppy work we got for the daily quest -_-

  4. dealing with NPC timers is hard to test :(

  5. Sigh~ I wish there is better documentation on all these headgears and quest #auditingnotfun

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    2. Laer


      Alright. :] Good luck on getting through all of that work though.

    3. kirito


      thanks for the hard work sir :D

    4. Argatlahm


      where is that like button here? XD

  6. I want to code now but I'm still at work, but when I'm home, I'm too tired to script D:

    1. kirito


      gogo arga we belive in you !! :D

    2. Archetype


      Script until your hands fall off. Then we shall get you robotic hands. Never tired again

  7. keeps getting demoted in the forums :/

    1. Alexaa


      time for a new account :P

    2. Argatlahm



  8. And........ after 6hrs I'm done fixing the daily quest...

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    2. Blind Rhyme

      Blind Rhyme

      nice one argatlahm. keep up the good work. thank you soo much

    3. kirito


      thx arga ur tha number 1

    4. RHEN KHEi

      RHEN KHEi

      Arga <3 Thanks

  9. compiling new test server...

  10. I feel so stupid using WASD to try and walk my character

  11. Grah!! Setting up a test server is a pain!!! -_-

  12. Where to start?

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    2. Steo


      I heard you get kicked if you summon gm spirit. You can go in with all the jewels and get the end item.

    3. Argatlahm


      ok ill check on it as soon as i get a test server running lol

    4. Aii


      Not getting kicked out, but it was endless looping when u insert last badge of champion into the pot..

  13. After playing other MMOs it seems that instanced dungeons are the current trend. I'm thinking of making certain quests instanced too and even redoing some old quests that are made to be instanced in the first place but has been redone due to the emulators limitations 7yrs ago

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    2. S4T4N


      Co-op missions would be really cool, totally agree on this one.

    3. Guillotine Lex Alpha
    4. LKshaye
  14. I think I need to update my headgear database to know which headgear goes to which quest

  15. Overwhelmed with the amount of things I'm missing here

  16. recreating SVN directories :D

    1. Everade
    2. Kenzie Riann

      Kenzie Riann

      You've come back to us, Cam? ;A;

    3. Argatlahm


      just loading up the svn into my computer, checking on things that have changed XD still can't test yet XD

  17. it seems there are a lot of old scripts not working :(

    1. Kenzie Riann

      Kenzie Riann

      Does that mean you're gonna fix them? c:

    2. Beastboy


      well to be more accurate, it seems like the old scripts arent working because of the new renewal mechanics. and since Marc has a lot to do school wise, updating the server has become rather slow. by the way, welcome back Arga :D

  18. well Rahul sent a message on facebook about the current crash and thought of stopping by here for a change LOL

  19. OMG I forgot to wish you happy birthday >_

    Belated Happy Birthday then add me on facebook!!! XD

  20. Thanks for the greetings guys :D but to those people who're trying to add me on facebook please introduce yourself so I know you came from gRO

  21. Thanks for the greetings guys :D

  22. nah not really doing the ET script, trying it out for the thanatos tower

  23. haha its not about that, its about here in RL XD

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