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  1. Haha /emoticons/default_happy.png" alt="^_^" srcset="/emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

  2. is moving. Won't be online for 1-2 weeks

    1. Guest


      sir can you help me on my quest

      about the orc hero helm

      I cannot get the final quest i got 100x clicking orc warrior and nothing happen

      help please :D

    2. Guest


      sir can you help me on my quest

      about the orc hero helm

      I cannot get the final quest i got 100x clicking orc warrior and nothing happen

      help please :D

  3. There's a funniest category - worst 5 might fall into that. xP
  4. Darn, and I only just added you to MSN too. Hope to still see you around sometimes, Nina.

  5. Welcome to the server :3

  6. Change seems to be official, but Everade hasn't verified yet.

  7. And done. You could always PM him about eAthena's answer yourself as well, if you want it right from the horse's mouth.

  8. @Renee - I wasn't intending to require every participant to perform live on Skype; it's really just a means of determining authenticity. I don't think it'd be really necessary to require more than two or three to actually do live Skype performances. Of course, that doesn't mean that more can't if they want to. @Zie - The Skype performance is only required to verify your identity. Insofar as that is the case, you likely won't even have to perform the wholee song - just enough for us to be able to ascertain that you can sound like your MP3 recording. @Risa - You can sing in whichever language you wish. I'd like to think that just because we can't necessarily understand a language, it doesn't mean we can't appreciate a song in it.
  9. @Glaze - That'd be because I haven't made them yet. :3 @Pat - The purpose of the live performances is to prove that you are actually the person singing. All entries need to be recorded and posted here, though - how else are the rest of the judges and the audience supposed to vote?
  10. Hahahahahaha I hadn't thought of it that way

  11. Hey bro! Just kinda swamped by RL stuff - when we gonna see you IG again? xD

  12. Welcome to GRO, man. Call me Tim.

  13. Yeah xD Been so busy with school and other RL stuff lately (looking to work overseas) I haven't had much time for GRO. But I should be good for a few weeks now.

  14. Lol, that is actually pretty much what happened. Times like this I wonder why I didn't just stay in Aus.

  15. Damn, that really sucks. And, uh, me too I guess? Just got back from Calgary, spent the whole time there sick or in hospital. I'm pretty much recovered, though - hope you will soon, too.

  16. Might be, then, though I am not on Skype often (basically only ever get on when Mahrze asks me). Anyhow, how're things? Didn't realise you lived quite this close.

  17. lolwut? Why wouldn't I be alive? o:

    And hi, I guess. Don't think I've ever talked to you before, have I?

  18. Hai Lex. Happy New Year!

  19. How're you feeling Abril? o:

  20. I'd actually like to consult your team members about that, since I'm working on adding music to the video and editing it for a youtube release, and I want your opinions (and clearance) on the matter. I have exams until the 21st, though, so serious work isn't likely to begin until after then.
  21. Ugh, sorry - had some major problems with my connection. Haven't been able to get on much in the last couple of days.

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