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  1. To be fair, a lot of people ask for offers in a L/O chat because the sellers themselves don't understand the terminology. Typical exchange: Chat: S> OH L/O Buyer: 900m Seller: LOL noob GTFO Not to mention the vast number of 'L/O NO NOOBS' chats around Pront. Nobody particularly wants to deal with that kind of thing, so they simply ask for the seller's price even when the chat stipulates otherwise. Which leads to another general principle: be polite, FFS. As a buyer, I'm much more inclined to be a little flexible with my offer if you, as the seller, demonstrate a modicum of civility, and as a seller, you entering my chat to tell me that I'm overpriced, or that my item 'isn't really that good anyway' isn't exactly going to convince me to come up with a better offer. Common courtesy goes a long way. Learn some.
  2. Great guide - gets the point across well. And you're totally right, of course.
  3. I've seen more people using TG for Turtle General and Tao for Tao Gunka than TGK and TGEN. Otherwise, yeah Also Ifrits = Ring of Resonance + Ring of Flame Lord. Ktull = Ktullanux. Devi = Deviling. GR = Ghostring. AR = Angeling (why AR? I don't know) Mith = Mithril. OP = Old Paper OR over price. Basically if someone says 'NO OP' it means overprice, not Old Papers. AFK = Away from keyboard. @ MissPrincess - If you could archive these, it'd be great.
  4. Reiterating that the dagger is not consumed - I've done the quest about 20 times with the same dagger.
  5. I was - now I'm back at University again. :P It's fun, very relaxing compared to teaching. 'Cept during exam times.

  6. On now if you're ready to trade.

  7. Haha, since today. I was bored in class.

  8. I really don't know . Sure the opponents you were testing on didn't have deviling equipment or something? I also saw a Smith in thor_v03 doing 60k damage to a Salamander yesterday, and I just don't see how that's even remotely possible.
  9. Gah, see it's been some time since you left a message on my profile - I didn't see the comment, was busy looking at the Endless Tower info. Sorry about that.

  10. Vit defense still counts, though. I had about 1350 attack total when I was doing the testing.
  11. On now as SilverSwords - are you there? :o

  12. I did - but I've got different armor, etc than you probably have (for example, I was running a lot of +attack or +str gear to maximise), so I was suggesting that you do it to allow a comparison with like equipment.
  13. For the HF, the upgrades are probably more important because of the additional damage reduction and aspd increase. Interesting point about elemental weapons with cart term - on a previous server I played on, the damage was always neutral and I never thought it might be any different anywhere else. That gives Smiths a LOT of added viability in a PVP environment. Might be wrong, but if the Incantation Samurai effect works as stated, it should treat defense as though it = 0. Thus, If you wanted to test Inca HF damage, you could basically just use Cart Termination on a 1 vit, 1 defense character with anti demi human gear and see how it turned out.
  14. Guess you're really busy. Are you going to be on any time today? My connection's being really temperamental, but I should hopefully be able to jump on long enough. Drop me a line if you've got the time, anyhow!

  15. Strange - it's not supposed to. The element's supposed to always be neutral, same as Sacrifice. Overthrust causes your weapon to break 0.1% of the time. It doesn't seem to apply to axes, but I break my IP every minute or so.
  16. Did some experimentation as well, and that sounds about right. Inca bypasses defense, so the damage should be consistent irrespective of whether Def = 0 or Def = 300. IP is providing better damage against the majority of players in PVP, but the damage done to low vit/ defense characters by the HF exceeds the damage I'm doing to mid to high vit/ defense characters with the IP. Based on that, think my earlier judgement was probably (more or less) sound: Thanatos HF your best option (defense altering mimics the IP, but the weapon has 250 more attack and is not broken via Overthrust - a problem I have been having with the IP), but if you can't get it, then Inca HF for low to medium vit/ defense characters and Ice Pick for high vit/ defense characters. To be blunt, I would say that anyone who seriously wants to main a Cart Termination Whitesmith for the purpose of PVP really needs to hunt Thanatos; the IP/ Incantation Whitesmith has the same essential weaknesses as a Paladin (GR/ Devi users shut down Cart Term completely), without the same array of defensive abilities to compensate. Thanatos seems to be the only way you're going to be hitting high enough damage ratings to warrant the use of Cart Termination over Sacrifice - as much as I try, I cannot reach damage ratings anywhere near what's been mentioned earlier in this thread.
  17. Did you use Weapon Perfection? Without knowing more, my guess would be that the SinX you fought probably had a fairly hefty Vit rating. I tested out the damage on my own characters, and generally got around 15-20k damage with a +8 Diligent HF, whilst only managing 8-12k damage with my +5 IP. Meanwhile, a +8 Bloodlust HF managed to be reasonably consistent circa 20k damage, providing more power against all of my characters except for my Super Novice and my Stalker. The only instance where the IP outdamaged either HF was when I tested it out on my Paladin, where it outdamaged the Bloodlust HF by about 3-4k per hit. The pertinent point in all this is that most of my characters had reasonably low Vit. The Paladin had 200, but the next highest score was my Lord Knight (120), which I suppose means that defensive values between 120-200 were untested. Most of my characters were well equipped, with +7 wool scarves and +7 tidal shoes, as well as +7 divine clothes/ meteor plate armor, so I don't think my defensive equipment was an issue. Would do more testing in PVP, but I don't have access to the Incantation Samurai card any more, which was basically shaping up as the best non-Thanatos card for the HF. Do you know what kind of equipment or stats the SinX had?
  18. I'm on now - whenever you get on today I should be around. Hope to catch you some time.

  19. S'okay. ^_^ I should be on from about 3PM until 5-6am server time tomorrow (or, at least, online and checking the boards). Hope to catch you sometime between then. Oh, nice animated gif.

  20. Heya - are you online now? :o

  21. Actually, it's attack + cart weight, and that's all. Cards have no effect unless they add to attack or provide a defense-altering effect (ie - Incantation Samurai and Thanatos). Upon further testing, best all purpose weapon = thanatos + hurricane fury. If you don't have that, then an incantation hurricane fury provides more better damage against the majority of classes, but will be outdamaged by an ice pick against paladins. If you really want to PVP with a Whitesmith and don't have Thanatos, then a Inca HF + Ice Pick are an acceptable fallback option.
  22. Can't seem to connect today, sadly. My connection's acting up in a big way - going to try resetting my router, but if that doesn't work, are you going to be around tomorrow evening?

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