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  1. it's been too long..

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    2. Yumii


      an old player, who just misses the old ro days!

    3. Koxy


      welcome back adult woman. :D

    4. Yotin


      waaaaaaaay to loooooooong

  2. That sounds like a pretty good idea, thanks Marc
  3. I realized that the uni had actually blocked gro browser.. and it works perfectly fine at home. Thanks everyone! (although it sucks i can't log in at uni D:)
  4. yes i've used firefox as well.. i'll try check my privacy settings >< thanks
  5. I need help connecting to gro browser, :( I made a forum in technical support.Thanks!

  6. It's my first time using the gRO browser at uni actually..
  7. @demon I'm at university so it's definitely not an Internet issue. And the server was up when I tried to log in
  8. Hi! I'm having some trouble connecting to the GatheringRO Browser on a OS MacBook Air. I've allowed the pop-up and my google chrome is up to date. The pop-up browser comes up, and I have no trouble logging in but for some reason after a few seconds it says 'Failed to connect to server'? Does anyone have any idea on how to fix this problem? Note: If I check the security overview it says "This page is not secure". Please help!
  9. miss you haru~

    1. Reaching The Scarlet Moon

      Reaching The Scarlet Moon

      miyu!! miss u too! its been a VERRRRRYYYYYYY long time!! LOL still playing? my account AB err, i think still going online, my friends still playing it, 

  10. Erm, No GM? I've sent a personal message instead.
  11. Nope.. I haven't changed or added anything :S
  12. No, this hasn't been solved yet. I temporarily used "rest" to get rid of the Homunculus, and once the Homun disappeared, so did the crash. But it doesn't actually solve anything, because once I call the homonculus, the crashes appears yet again.
  13. For some reason I've been getting a crash notice when I log on to a specific character. I went onto the control panel and changed the character slot but that did nothing.. Does anyone know the reason and how to fix it? I've been getting this notice, and the window/client thingy is extremely difficult to alt+f4 and close :s If anyone knows what's wrong, your help is greatly appreciated D: Edit* I can't call out my homunculus or else the crash will appear, same goes for opening fencer/mercenary scrolls
  14. Both Moonlight Flower and Cat O Nine Tails spawn in the middle of map coordinates (115, 115)
  15. I think it's just the fact that you're not there on time when they spawn, meaning an MVP'er or a random had killed them before you got to the designated place. Keep camping! Also note that Moonlight Flower MVP spawns on the same map and place as Cat O Nine tails, so usually Cat O Nine tails is killed along with Moonlight Flower.
  16. Thanks Achan! Hope to see you in-game sometime soon!
  17. Don't know if this is considered as a creepy story, but this is a whole different interpretation of 隣のトトロ (Tonari no Totoro) One of the most well-known Ghibli films. For all the Tonari no Totoro fans out there, this might change your view on it XD http://my.opera.com/sukekomashi-gaijin/blog/tonari-no-totoro
  18. O: Very beautiful artworks, i like your style! It's quite unique. Keep up the good work and hope to see more in the future! XD;
  19. Yumii


    I agree! It's quite bothersome to heal them manually every few minutes or so..
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