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  1. but whenever i try to cancel to delete that character, that thing pop out, A database error has occured
  2. Good Day! I tried to delete my extra WL character but it always says that the email i use is wrong, and now i encounter this one. Hope for your help! Thank you!
  3. hi! we also encounter that problem, i dont know but these following skills affect celine kimi, 1. sorcerer skill warmer (maybe some fire property attack affect her to trigger this 1 damage.) 2. RK skill death bound (i dont know how this skill affect, but when my friend use this skill it also trigger the 1 damage to her.) 3.Celine kimi gloves (when the celine kimi confusion mind activates, it suddenly trigger the 1 damage AND Celine Kimi become invulnerable to ALL MAGIC ATTACKS, maybe stat changing affect her to trigger this.) as of now this are the following things
  4. Priest Useless, when our mate use GTB. You can recive any buff and healing. Thats all. " Im tired with that thoo " And priest Useless, when you dont know how to play. Lol joke. yeah your right man
  5. This world, everyday's life and reality maybe cruel and harsh, if you quit death is your reward, but if you continue fighting eternal happiness and the feeling of contented in life awaits you.

  6. Just ignore what ive said above. I know how to use those skill. Well im not just contented how AB support class skill exists, this is just my selfishness desire just because ima die hard priest class fanatic, well anyway thanks and Good day!
  7. Im not comparing AB's heal and genetic's potion pitcher. Ive been playing support type priest since beginning I play ragnarok, well nevermind what ive said above, maybe ima just miss the good old classic support priest, when KE and assumptio havnt nerfed, priest heal amount is proportion to the other class when 3rd job not yet implemented. im just accept that how AB skills exists.
  8. I thought heal with lux and pimp hat also increase. Is there any possibilities that it will gain more heal effectiveness wearing pimp and lux than usual? during WoE time it gives me a nerve healing a very high hp character,Lux/pimp with bacsojin card and other heal improving gears is not enough, well im not mean to say to out heal the damage but I hope there is a chance that priest class may be very usefull just like how usefull like a genetic class in WoE in terms of supporting party members.
  9. Ah ok, im just wait for this update to be release. AB's healing for sure will be usefull again, thanks!
  10. good day! it says to the update that AB heals increases? but it seems not increase at all i wear pimp hat and yet my heal stay 32k and without hat stay about 4k+ ,is it a bug? thanks!
  11. oh i see.. i thought this quest is easy to do .. btw thanks for LOT OF INFO
  12. i can find any quest items in althea.. is this quest item(old papers and trash cans) are first come first get basis??
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