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  1. Back again after a long while.

  2. Khrad

    Server Update

    Good to see this server still up and running..
  3. Can Genetic's skill "Change Item" be set to passive? Seeing as the skill doesn't work and just force disconnects upon use.
  4. Off topic. Would there be any chances that a damage calculator be made available based on the above formulas? Forgive me if I sound lazy.
  5. Those looking for trap placements and other tricks, see this guide: Sniper Strategies by Clorox Said guide was made 4 years ago, but is still a must read for rangers who would want to make the most out of their traps in pvp.
  6. Khrad

    Big Maintenance

    Many thanks for the time taken for the betterment of the server. On the other hand, I suddenly remember em' two-month servers popping up around before. O how lucky we are.
  7. Khrad

    Big Maintenance

    Any of the two, if possible: 1. Perform the updates after WoE 2. Or perform the updates in phases to allow a window time for WoE (though I think this is highly unlikely)
  8. Should probably be equal with the number of hours that the server was down. If there is a log of that.
  9. Can this be included as standard in the client? Of course, with due credit.
  10. If I remember it right, I read somewhere in the interwebz that Knuckle Arrow does have that bonus, similar to Overbrand's.
  11. This dilemma brings back the old days when Brazil Hat was exclusively for female chars. I'd suggest that there'd be two sprites for that "evolved neb", one for male chars and the other for female chars while sharing the same set of bonuses.
  12. The nebula aura's +35 mdef helps in reducing a sizeable amount of damage from magic nukers. Global cooldown from any autocasted skill is tolerable. Used it all the time when I was still an AB.
  13. Kinda sad to know that Maya P can't be used on lower headies, but at least it makes owning a Prism 3 worthwhile.
  14. A guildmate told me last night that the old Runes of Power looked like a large Mercedes-Benz emblem on your character's back.
  15. With this, will the Poring Rucksack disappear from the vote shop? IMHO, it's prolly the easiest rucksack to obtain out of the current three we have.
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