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  1. Cheers Bec Still no Reply, obviously my plans to return were short lived. Ta.
    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Alexaa


      bennnyy :3 are you back?!

    3. Sirus


      I was trying to come back but I've been ignored by Marc with requests to reset my password, so i probably won't now. You okay?

    4. Alexaa


      I'll help you out <3 im a bit sick at the moment, how do you know!

  2. Cannot remember my main password!

  3. Lexi! Smells!

  4. So I'm thinking about returning tried to log in after I think 2 years and realised I forgot my password. If one of the gms could be so helpful to assist me -Edit I have tried password reset on the main site but it doesn't recognise any of my email addresses.. Thanks B
  5. Forgotten my in game password!

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    2. Sirus


      I left and i'm at uni now bud! Are you still in game? can't find anyone.

    3. 123patsy


      Coming back to pvp guys?

    4. Sirus


      I might if i can get my password back

  6. 352 users online, and the forums are dead... Interesting.

    1. xMiland


      Lol not at all.

    2. Sirus


      Lol really?

      (P.S My lol was sarcastic)

    3. RainbowPowder


      :( yeah... that's sad D:
  7. Whudup F00l i quit ages ago. fo-riz

  8. Hey there, i'm back mate.

    // VareX

  9. OMG! BENNY! ♥

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