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  1. dude, for real, change the ROP back to the old one. looks so gay ._.
  2. gonna start again to visit forum more often :o

  3. what is in my mind?

  4. lol..sorry when you pmed me in msn i already asleep :P

  5. lol yeah "accidently" read them lol :DD

  6. whoa~ lots of words to read xDD

    thanks for the wishes /emoticons/default_biggrin.png" alt=":D" srcset="/emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" /> lol

  7. ooo..auto accept toh...hohoho

  8. whew cepet amat uda di accept..huahauhauhua

  9. w3ndY

    dude~are you still alive? O_O

  10. happy valentine's day to you too

  11. awww~ *hugs grandma*

  12. OMG!!!!ITS GRANDPA!!! welcome back grandpa

  13. sorry i was sleeping when you pm my msn :D

    and i tried re-download again the full client but still has some errors on those stupid pallete >_>

  14. downloading it now~

  15. OMG you count it? @[email protected] well, not sure if i can download it now or later, coz now i'm downloading something too lol..

  16. hehehe..now i cant play gRO lol..have to re-download again..sigh..

  17. w3ndY

    yo bro..i just manage to get my internet in my home town..and now i have to re-download again gRO =.=

  18. hehe..i did that on purpose :P thats what i called "stalker's job" XD

    finally i have internet at home XD

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