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  1. Click the giant black heart in my profile if you wanna know what happened.

  2. I don't have the power to do that o.o

  3. Dante

    I suppose in a way. I can get in-game, but I have better things to do. I'm co-admin of CatRO, and they actually have me doing things useful there. Not just being police and whatnot, lols

  4. Lol. :P

    Wish I could love the whole world too >: But I had to choose between lying friends and loyal friends. It was an easy pick in the end, though.

  5. Ah, naw. Haxing the forums is a huge waste of my time. I'm too good for this server. I left it for a reason. My services are no more available to them, so they can make use of their highschool-girl-GM-team xP And I will move on to better places and whatnot.

  6. Fuck you, quitter of a quitter. You're playing on CatRO and you're becoming a GM on CatRO and you're gonna fucking like it.

  7. Yeah but you're still in it.

  8. Haha yeah I will come back and annoy the forums sometimes

  9. You still got me on MSN xP And yeah, join CatRO~

  10. I'll still pop in for a visit time to time.

    But I can't stay where I'm not needed and treated like garbage, hun, when there's always others out there who need me. D:

  11. --But if I ever need to, then I guess he never heard of proxies. :P

  12. Haha, they're going around calling me corrupt and a coward. Too bad I can prove that they are exactly what they call me, and I'm not.

    I backed up the entire GM-only area of the forum to my spare hard drive before I left.

    I have all the incriminating evidence and exclusive codes I could ever need.

    Everade also restricted my IP and account from viewing the forum categories. Bu

  13. Dante

    I'mma miss all the cool people like you as well D:

  14. But.. but.. he's my friend. >:

    Lolols Everade restricted my IP and account so I can't view the forum x3 But hey, proxies are fine too. If I ever care to look at this shithole again, hahaha.

  15. Happy birthday Thunderhorse :D rock on

  16. Dude I know right? Fucking what the hell lols

    I'm about to go live in the wilderness or something srsly

  17. Dante

    Lols thanks :3 Today has been an annoying day heh

  18. Dante

    Where're you gonna go, man? Just curious, 'cause you're cool and stuff lols

  19. Dante

    Why dont you ever come on msn D:

  20. Goddamn you whiny yank fine I moved you up.

  21. Happy birthday, my darling loverrrr

  22. Your avatar is freakin' sweet.

    Daft Punk ftw.

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