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  1. u got discord or s/t?

    1. Tunes
    2. DeatH


      do you use discord??

    3. Tunes


      naw b don't know what that is

  2. Idk what updates have gone down since 2014 but all my characters look hella ugly LOOL

    1. D e M o N

      D e M o N

      Just means you have naturally terrible taste in how you make your characters look.

    2. RK Neves

      RK Neves

      That's normal. The pallettes suffered some changes. It happened to me back in 2015 when I returned, too.

  3. Well it's been a while.. Happy New Year's yall!

  4. Babe Ruth *laughing emoji"

  5. I would just like to congratulate Thea and Guardzilla on the start of their beautiful marriage together!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. S4T4N


      Marriage ? Damn awesome :D

    3. thea831


      Thanks so much!!!!! <3

    4. Wonwill


      Thank yoooouuuu uuuu =D

  6. Yall should definitely check out the "Screenshot Thread" (;

  7. Tunes

    Login Problem

    Did you move any of your gro files? I accidentally did that once and it royally fk-ed with me for a good month, my updates weren't coming in etc..
  8. out of sight but still in mind

  9. At it's finest

  10. Tunes

    Typhoon Haiyan

    Stay safe. Stay strong.
  11. Sometimes I'm scared of hiding because I don't think people could find me?

  12. Guess the " where's Jake at? </3 ='( " game
  13. Y U RESEV'D?

    1. Tunes


      Y U DERP? <---LOL derp gm?? HAHA

  14. ti gnidnes fo setunim 5 nihtiw ot deilper eb ot egassem a tcepxe ohw esoht ... expect alot of disappointment in life 8]

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