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Status Updates posted by Koxy

  1. @joinbg pls

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    2. Hersheys


      You know you'll get a warn from Everade and suspension for 7 days for posting this right? XD

    3. D e M o N

      D e M o N

      Hershey, be quiet! /heh


    4. Hersheys


      lol I'll be on the quieter side from now on actually XD

  2. Happy Ramadhan @aLeL, @RM2, @Valkrie, @Aii & All who celebrate!

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    2. Koxy


      Pergh lmbat gila replyyy

    3. RM2


      baru balik bertapa untuk tak makan di siang hari bulan puasa.. :D hahah

    4. Koxy


      hahaha.untgla. alel kesian duk hutan lg.

  3. Killing Cloud Still Disable.

  4. Player number in server hit to ground. Even in WOE?!

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    2. Sirk


      classes maybe?

    3. RK Neves

      RK Neves

      Well it might not be defeatism, but it's fact that they're not that active I guess.

    4. Koxy


      yea maybe.D:

  5. Holiday Modeee.. :D

  6. Happy Fasting! Ramadhan Kareem :)

  7. Why i'm not received emp frag even i kill some & die 0 in WOE? How this thing work?

    1. Everade


      The current emp fragment system which is running on gRO is only a beta test and you won't be able to keep your fragments anyways. Final release will hit within the next days. So on that day all fragments on the server will be pruned as the beta test phase will be over.

      Details will follow. So stay tuned.

  8. Some Stupid Racist kid using dummy id/char PM me & my Countrymate and talk shit. How Stupid.

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    2. Gale Windscar

      Gale Windscar

      Same thing happened to me more than once. What's disappointing was someone from the same country since he was using our native tongue. lol

    3. Kenzie Riann

      Kenzie Riann

      That was my life daily, as a GM, lol. I'd say just ignore them, and block them. Haters gonna hate.

    4. Koxy


      its mean all of u popular. /heh

  9. Does WL slow cast now even with Nyd?

    1. Hersheys


      I noticed yeah

  10. Bang Bang Bang!

  11. Did Comet HIT Gro map? Cuz its Crash too many times.

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    2. raphaelluigi


      its hit by an earthquake!

    3. Koxy


      Hope we can have smooth woe. Cuz its still laggg

    4. Nicocaine


      The server is fine. It the lag is on your side. XD

  12. No New Custome on Vote Shop?

    1. RK Neves

      RK Neves

      Abril announced the change in two days or so.

  13. So, April end already. Where the update?

  14. Where's gm ingame?

    1. Abril♥


      Well I get online everyday. Probably not at the same time as you.

  15. Date of "Big Update"?

  16. It's End Here?

    1. Aii



    2. raphaelluigi


      Poison Bottle for u :)

  17. Everyday Player in Gro geting Less and Less...

    1. Yzobel


      Vote keep the server on top! yey!

  18. No Event+No Update = Gatheringro

    1. raphaelluigi


      There's some event but no update yet

  19. Its getting bored here.

  20. Oyasuminasai~

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