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  1. Why y'all hatin on sorc lol

  2. This new falling sakura petals costume is cool and all. I wish I had 12 of them for each of my chars. /slur

  3. All these new sprites yet I have no money. S>Kidney=pm offer

    1. Hurt Locker

      Hurt Locker

      Hi interested buyer here. is it clean? right or left one or both? kindly contact me thankies

  4. Been experiencing some lag spikes recently. Anyone else having the same issue? :(

    1. Everade


      I've experienced it yesterday as well, it looked like our server hoster had some internet quality issues for a short time period.
      The server itself had no performance issues.

  5. Is it just me or is the blessed ore refine npc not working? xD

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    2. Hangul


      yeah turning off security solved it for me :P

      @hersheys yes refine rates are still low with blessed ores which kinda sux :<

    3. Koxy


      Plus its not tradable. thats more sad D:

    4. Hersheys


      Ohh? Blessed Ores aren't tradable anymore?

  6. So I just logged on to the new server before it was implemented and I saw old Aura guild lol

  7. Dunno what to do. Maybe a community powered pvp event perhaps?

  8. Mixed emotions~

  9. Hmm. Can't seem to run the game lol

    1. Hangul


      Yeah like 3 times already. Ayyy lmao

    2. Everade


      Please respond within the topic. Also include as much details to the crash as possible. Does it happen after character selection for instance. And don't forget to include the full crashlog.

  10. Dat epic clash XD

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    2. Yzobel


      The clash was too high for the server that it didn't handle the Epic-ness pal! lmao

    3. x J i n x

      x J i n x

      Sin of Crash! hahha

    4. Hangul


      crashlords hahahaha

  11. No hate, just play.. And maybe troll :))

  12. Oh. So there's an update :)) woot!

  13. Nightmare pls? HAHAHA

  14. Trying to prove that some things are wrong in so many ways.

  15. No begging pls. 3

  16. Gonna die of boredom and the fact that my analytic geom prof is slow as hell.

  17. Browsing through amusing threads xD

  18. Ibang klaseng papansin yung nasa PC thread :))

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    2. Bex



      #8 Status Updates and posts in the Chat/Shout Box must also be in English.

    3. Godlike


      translate it in english dw hangul haha

    4. Hangul


      oops sry Bex.

      "A new attention seeker has found his way in the PC thread." :))

  19. Continue with normal life. :) Play LoL :D

  20. Why so serious? lol :D

  21. People need to chill and stop being so demanding. /sigh

  22. /omg/sob/desp The emotes of ppl who lost their items. :))
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