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  1. Chronos33

    New Patcher

    Great work! It looks incredible. Also very happy to hear that you're keeping up with architectural updates, instead of relying on possibly deprecated software. That merits the question: Do we get a landing page (gatheringro.ch) remake soon as well?
  2. Thanks, everade Update: I re-uploaded the item icons.
  3. BLB Viper frame with custom paintjob - genuine Porsche M5Q Eisblau Metallic paint And some sexy DT Swiss rims
  4. I think I want this Vote Shop item because I feel like the transformation would look nice I was wondering if someone has the sprite or a screenshot of how you look when you transform into a valkyrie. Also, does it work with slotted angel wing ears or just with the standard ones? Here's the item in the DB https://gatheringro.ch/?module=item&action=view&id=18827
  5. Any bike nerds here? My friend was gonna sell his bike few years ago but changed his mind. Today I finally convinced him to give me his bike It's a Tommasini Tecno EL bikeframe from 1994 - ONLY 1.3KG even though it's made of steel. Going to have a sexy Campagnolo Mirage gearset when I'm done with the overhaul <3 I'll post updates some time in March!
  6. That's a simple equation to me. Prices keep going up because not enough cards are being looted to satify the market's demand for them. Even pre-wipe there were many MVP card hoarders who just refused to sell, but there were enough playing to keep the demand supplied and to have stable prices.
  7. Okay, I really did miss something simple - supply and demand. Thanks for the explanation.
  8. I've been reading this thread and trying to understand how this guide can not account for inflation. Does that mean every price in your guide is wrong? Maybe I'm overlooking something simple, can you clarify? Let's say the US Dollar inflates tomorrow and one bottle of water becomes $2000, who's going to sell you a bottle of water when you go and tell them "But it was only $0.50 yesterday!"
  9. From my own trading experience: Champ Card - 2b (bought for 2b) Guardian Kades Card 2b - 3.5b (seriously depends on buyer/seller, sold one few weeks ago for 3.5b and bought one for 2b) Buwaya 3b (friend sold it at that price) Daehyon 3b - 3.5b (sold 2 in this price range) Corruption Root 1.2b (sold one for this price) GRB 1.5b - 2.5b (anecdotal player shop evidence) Randgris Card 1b - 1.8b (sold for 1.8b, also bought for 1b very recently - seems to depend on buyer/seller) Gloom Card maximum 1.5b (gained a lot of popularity because of some instance
  10. Hi, seems like mmorptoplist is dead for now: http://www.mmorpgtoplist.com/ "This domain is pending renewal or has expired. Please contact the domain provider with questions." Guess we keep a close eye on whether or not the domain gets renewed?
  11. Hey, yesterday I've noticed two things: 1. The NPC Torros to enter the Crystal Mine eats both 1x Advanced Mining Pick and 10x Old Pick when you enter, if you have both in your inventory. 2. Telma in the Battleground Room doesn't give out more than 1 stack (20 pieces) of the following runes: Berkana, Hagalaz, Raido, Nauthiz, Isa, Uruz. She tells me that I can't carry all the items I want to buy when I choose to buy more than one stack. It works when I try to buy more than 1 stack of all the other runes.
  12. Thanks for clarifying. So that means that just the 200% increase text is incorrect and that I can ignore it
  13. Hey, the description on the item says 100% while the Bubblegum (from Weekend Hunting Pack) apparently adds 200% droprate. Can I get a check/confirmation on that? https://gatheringro.ch/?module=item&action=view&id=12264 Database Link 1 sc_start SC_ITEMBOOST,1800000,200; From what I understand in the item script, it adds 200% and as you can see in my screenshot, the Info Text also says 200% Would just like some clarification on which is correct now. 100% or 200%.
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