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  1. Id really like to know why a skill that was already good (Hundred Spear) that could receive a ridiculous boost from a cheap item (Vellum Spear) got overtuned, while, of course, the easiest damage type skill (Long-ranged physical) Spiral Pierce got nerfed.

    I REALLY don't understand this.

  2. "Forgive them, for they do not know what they do."

    Try harders that kill your paper characters... Hahahaha.

  3. I miss the smell of good WoE and clashing. For those who wonder, I haven't quit.

    I come here from time to time. I do plan on WoEing today, though.

  4. So far im liking what im seeing.

    BG is active again, I do remember suggesting some items as rewards to improve and dynamize BG, perhaps...? Well anyway, explendid work @Everade.

  5. *Opens Loyalty Chest*

    *3 armor Ore*


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    2. Everade


      And a safe certificate.
      By the way, the description includes exactly what you're going to get.

      Next to that, i've designed the Loyality Chest that you can preview all chests before deciding which one you are going to get.

    3. RK Neves

      RK Neves

      I meant that as a good thing btw

    4. Everade


      ah ok /no1
      Thought you were disappointed

  6. 1V1 Exclusive PvP implemented.

    *stretches fingers slowly*

    Now, I wanna know where are the 'Scared to go pvp lol noob' guys. Im just so tempted to fight them.

    Im waiting!

  7. 52 views and no replies.

    This means you are all just standing aside and whistling as you pass through my topic because you have no sense of team work and sacrifice.

    It saddens me that 90% (if not 95%) of the server only cares about WoE for stupid frag leeching. (Which is ironical because they cheat at pvp and rarely BG.)

  8. Found a bug on WoE, at least, I hope it's a bug.

    Not quite on WoE itself, but on the Guillotine Cross skill Dark Illusion, Dark Illusion makes you approach the enemy in a flash (very quick) and deal a very small portion of damage with a chance of an auto-cross impact, unfortunately, whenever I try to use it it says:

    This skill cannot be used here.

    As far as I knew, only some 2nd trans skills were disabled. @Everade ?

    1. Everade


      Maybe it was an official update, i will take a look at it.

      Please create a topic within the forums next time.

  9. Mhahahaha.... Tremble Sorc Users, and despair. Your times of limitless kills is over. 

  10. That's it, im leaving this goddamn server for good! Have fun being stupid braindeads while NOT caring about the community, Uninstall starts NOW!

  11. Not even the ranking's working. Jesus Christ!

    1. Everade


      What's wrong about the ranking?

    2. RK Neves

      RK Neves

      It was really weird, it wouldn't show up the WoE ranking, it had some really standart look, anyways, I played two hours with Sura, and got 6 frags. Did the system get some tweaks or something?

    3. Everade
  12. Duals and more duals. There's times I really love this server, and there's times I really, really hate it.

    1. Hersheys


      Yea we might as well all be able to use duals then have a bunch of people who do and not get caight, and the law-abiding ones not being able to.

  13. For the last time, no, you won't change the economy the way you want to.

  14. Seems to me like we've got another Justu Freak, but this one is filled with gods. You know who ;)

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    2. Hurt Locker
    3. kirito


      menard has gods?!

      who did he scamm this time ?

    4. RK Neves

      RK Neves

      Omid you didn't know? But yes, Menard has gods

  15. Great. Can't targetany of the three members in the other BG team, JUST GREAT.

    1. Hersheys


      /noshift works

      it's a bug XD

    2. RK Neves

      RK Neves

      I tried alot of /noctrl, is it the same?

    3. Hersheys


      /noshift is different

  16. It's sad to see the community cares more about sprites than their actual own entertainment, but then again, it's my last topic.

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    2. Everade


      Just because i haven't given any answer to your topic does not mean that i haven't read it. I take your suggestion as serious like every other.

      Your latest suggestion however included quite a few points to think about. That's mainly the reason why i don't give an answer right away.

      The new sprites are a cool addition, so why should it be a bad thing?

    3. Erina



      Let others be happy :)

    4. RK Neves

      RK Neves

      I never said Sprites were a bad thing, holy crap. No, nvm, im not even gonna bother writting more.

  17. All this op guild bullshit is making me wanna quit without thinking twice. Breaking my garment? That's a nice @itemed stuff you got there. Sick of this.

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    2. kirito


      please explain youre @itemed item im confused and who dos have a @itemed item? @[email protected]

    3. RK Neves
    4. kirito


      lol okai and wat or wich items were created wit @item?

  18. A new arrogant and annoying player is around. Her forum name is Okita. If you see someone pretending to be a newbie in game, do not, I repeat, do not answer. This person is a pure troll who will call you sir and try to deceive you.

  19. Being a loser player everyone hates and ignores, or someone who brags about his power and guild, and is nothing without numbers or gods?

  20. Thank you for the wonderful 100 replies in my topic! (Irony.)

    1. Abril♥


      sarcasm, you probably meant.

    2. RK Neves

      RK Neves

      My god, what a silly mistake.

  21. Those are some strong gods you got there. But have you fought the best SC?

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      Ofc u met him and lost to him /shy

    3. RK Neves

      RK Neves

      You either misunderstood my status, or you're stupid. I haven't fought the best SC because I know he'll kill me, it's not gelo, kek. It would be 'Ofc he met u'. Also, without gods, neither of you would be good.

    4. Gelo


      OMG! I don't have Gods like the ones Purity hazzzz.

      And as of now, I am(self-proclaimed) the best. Huehuehuehue. :3

  22. You know someone might have a disabled brain when he says: OPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP for everything that seems "wowing".

  23. Funny how people like to call me a noob, yet don't accept my 1v1 requests.

  24. Messages me saying he can kill me or any member of my guild 1v1, doesn't say who he is nor challenges us. xD oh GRO Finest. :3

  25. To the lowlife messaging me crap daily: Keep trying, you're just showing how cowardly and idiotic you are. I even have an impression of who he or THEY might be.

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    2. RK Neves

      RK Neves

      Even if I didn't post this, they would still continue to tell me shit. They did so thousands of times.

    3. Nathan1


      yeah me too.... he always say like dumb word that i cant describe

    4. Nathan1


      the man who send me message...

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