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  1. Hey guys. How many people are around GatheringRO still? Is there atleast minimum WoE with 2 guilds?
  2. RK Neves

    New Instances

    Errende triggers quite easily. It's strange that you quoted a part of what I said while not even regarding it, because in PvP no one cares that much about what happens, as in hell box and etc. It's still fun and important to some people, but WoE is where it's at because it's where you're actually rewarded. And like I said, since there's no knockback in WoE, RK suffers from that. We can't deny ANY of this. It's delusional. The only skill you mentioned which is an actual threat WHEN FACING AN OPPONENT WITH WOE GEAR is Ignition Break. Wind Cutter has low damage. DB and Spiral, whic
  3. RK Neves

    New Instances

    Did you read what I said? It's like going to an icecream shop PURPOSELY for eating strawberry icecream when you don't like the others. And the employee says: Oh, but you can have mint icecream. Don't I know myself I DON'T WANT OR LIKE mint icecream? Instead of icecream i'll go for waffles, I get it. And vio, one simple pneuma from errende disables a rune knight for a considerable amount of time for a good time. And if it's WoE, even worse because there's no knockback.
  4. RK Neves

    New Instances

    I never saw that happening. Every class has a way to exit those situations. Funny how ranger's 193 aspd doesn't bother anyone, with their free 20k+ warg strikes. The spiral pierce damage is low.
  5. RK Neves

    New Instances

    But the thing is, WHY would I want to try other builds? I like my classical build and playstyle, others don't, since they've pretty much all moved to spear. Slight changes that had an impact on an already endangered ability. But oh well, I'll keep getting killed by the insane genetic spam and doram overtuned CC.
  6. RK Neves

    New Instances

    THIS was the topic I was looking for. Marc, who decided to work on the Rune Knight nerfs? I know this may sound biased, but RK requires some actual gear to make damage. Rune Knight never needed any boost on Spear, and of course, now all I see is Spear RKs. Vellum Spear gives a very cheap boost to Hundred Spear as it is. Long-range physical damage is the easiest to get and most abundant. Why would Spiral get nerfed? Also, even with a tao, I do around 70k. Without a tao, DB is pretty bad most of the time. I might agree with the DB, but Spiral nerfs? More than unneeded.
  7. Id really like to know why a skill that was already good (Hundred Spear) that could receive a ridiculous boost from a cheap item (Vellum Spear) got overtuned, while, of course, the easiest damage type skill (Long-ranged physical) Spiral Pierce got nerfed.

    I REALLY don't understand this.

  8. "Forgive them, for they do not know what they do."

    Try harders that kill your paper characters... Hahahaha.

  9. It's because of stuff like this I really wish you get more than just this problem. Lol
  10. I miss the smell of good WoE and clashing. For those who wonder, I haven't quit.

    I come here from time to time. I do plan on WoEing today, though.

  11. I see alot of similarities with my guide... recent ones.
  12. That's correct, just mind the maps.
  13. So far im liking what im seeing.

    BG is active again, I do remember suggesting some items as rewards to improve and dynamize BG, perhaps...? Well anyway, explendid work @Everade.

  14. *Opens Loyalty Chest*

    *3 armor Ore*


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    2. Everade


      And a safe certificate.
      By the way, the description includes exactly what you're going to get.

      Next to that, i've designed the Loyality Chest that you can preview all chests before deciding which one you are going to get.

    3. RK Neves

      RK Neves

      I meant that as a good thing btw

    4. Everade


      ah ok /no1
      Thought you were disappointed

  15. 1V1 Exclusive PvP implemented.

    *stretches fingers slowly*

    Now, I wanna know where are the 'Scared to go pvp lol noob' guys. Im just so tempted to fight them.

    Im waiting!

  16. 52 views and no replies.

    This means you are all just standing aside and whistling as you pass through my topic because you have no sense of team work and sacrifice.

    It saddens me that 90% (if not 95%) of the server only cares about WoE for stupid frag leeching. (Which is ironical because they cheat at pvp and rarely BG.)

  17. Found a bug on WoE, at least, I hope it's a bug.

    Not quite on WoE itself, but on the Guillotine Cross skill Dark Illusion, Dark Illusion makes you approach the enemy in a flash (very quick) and deal a very small portion of damage with a chance of an auto-cross impact, unfortunately, whenever I try to use it it says:

    This skill cannot be used here.

    As far as I knew, only some 2nd trans skills were disabled. @Everade ?

    1. Everade


      Maybe it was an official update, i will take a look at it.

      Please create a topic within the forums next time.

  18. -1 on anyone who wants to speed up the process of the ores. It's really not fun having over upped equipment in many characters. Be patient, or use your frags on the WoE Shop, which is what I do, and quite rewarding. 150 emp frags for one box is a very good deal.
  19. Keep in mind that there are certain restrictions the system enforces on the creation of a character. For example, any kind of bad word detected will have your creation denied. Same with spaces with names, like: Fu Shuran or Fu_Shuran , or having : , ? , ! , ~ , etc. There is also a minimum of 4 words, less than that will too, make the creation impossible.
  20. Indeed my friend, I've escaped it many times. As well as Crystallization. Also with GX poisons, but for Leech End be VERY cautious. Be careful with the timing, as soon as you are hit, use it immediately. If you take more than 1-2 seconds, wait until the next damage hit.
  21. Sounds like someone's already putting his mark on the server. This is quite good. Well done my friend!
  22. Mhahahaha.... Tremble Sorc Users, and despair. Your times of limitless kills is over. 

  23. That's it, im leaving this goddamn server for good! Have fun being stupid braindeads while NOT caring about the community, Uninstall starts NOW!

  24. I used to mine with a shadow chaser as well, in my opinion, it is the best class to mine. You could use ranger, and to be sure you don't lose the trap, try using Arrow Shower on the trap, slightly on the opposite direction where you want it to hit, that way, it'll hit the crystal for sure.
  25. Not even the ranking's working. Jesus Christ!

    1. Everade


      What's wrong about the ranking?

    2. RK Neves

      RK Neves

      It was really weird, it wouldn't show up the WoE ranking, it had some really standart look, anyways, I played two hours with Sura, and got 6 frags. Did the system get some tweaks or something?

    3. Everade
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