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  1. Which map will the 10v10 pvp take place? As far as i know, only hellsbox allows the use of all skills without any problems.
  2. Personally i dont see why maya is an exception to the no mvp rule, you stop people from using doppel cards, but not maya? If you think single target spells will be overpowered in this, then you obviously havent done pvp without mvps before. Just like how you gear up a GR+dev against sac, you can eaisly gear up against spells you just need to look at a better range of cards and gear rather than just mvps.
  3. Hazyd

    Pvp Event

    Character Name: BioHazyd Character Level: 250 Character Class: Creator
  4. Baby wiz - Hazz Baby alche - Hazzz Team - dual client
  5. Will pre-buffing be allowed in the pvp event?
  6. I dont think battlemode is a must, i've never bothered to learn it and im doing fine
  7. Covers most of the basics for new wiz players . Just some skill/item justifications could be better, also the wall of text ): Maybe a section on how to use your skills?, but then again, a magicin never reveals his secrets
  8. Hazyd

    Earth Day Week!

    Suggestion: next time do a pvp event when more people are free , ie; a weekend *is annoyed*, massacres everyone in pvp
  9. Character Name: BioHazyd Character Level: 250 Character Class: Creator Did you pay the fee: Yes
  10. Just some futher info for reseting Places of the Sun Moon and Stars, along with Hatred targets. Apparently, SG's have two hidden skills which are not shown in their skill list. Miracle of the Sun,Moon and Stars: small chance of activating when walking, this skill allows you to use all Comfort/Warmth/Blessing skills Anywhere, and all monsters/players become Target of the Stars. . Miracle lasts around 10mins, and you gain the purple/blue soul lnik effect when it is active. Angel of the Sun,Moon and Stars: Allows you to reset all Places of the Sun/Moon/Stars along with Hatred targets. Not musch is know about this skill, but from what i've found so far: -you need to sit beside a taekwon class character: Taekwon, Soul Linker or SG -you need to be recovering HP/SP -you must be in the Happy state: activates when two taekwon class characters use /doridori beside each other -has a very small chance of activating 0.01~1% chance. When Angel of the Sun/Moon/Stars activates, the taekwon angel should appear (same one when you level up) and tell you that all your Places and Targets have been reset. hopefully this helps^^
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