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  2. Lawl i speak Tagalog

    Baliw ka /gg

  3. Well now i have to go server Hunting lol

  4. Well True But I don't care what people do.

  5. Lol i was knew it was gonna come sooner or later the server gonna close.

  6. *runs* Wahahahahahhahaha~

  7. *Tackle and tickles you* >D

  8. Lol Let me empty it~

    Ok Message me now

  9. Just Messaged you Back =P

  10. Lol Whats up Nab? /gg XD

  11. Lol k i'll message you on here

  12. Lol well you have msn?

  13. Lawl with my equips i managed to do 32k each i use 2 Mantis rings also ^^

  14. Yeah. I had quest VH.+10 Infil[Hydra](I'm SB type sinx).V Armor,V Shoe,Immune Mant.

  15. Lol i'm a Nab to. I Use Nab equips.

  16. Not really. It fun having PVP Raids xD

    I'm playing like 4+ servers when i get my laptop Lawl

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