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  1. jerose

    Babies Vs Mvps

    Party Name: Me Alone Member 1: "Paw, Paladin"
  2. jerose

    Pvp Tournament

    Character name: E l e s i s Character class: Royal Guard
  3. why you getting prettier lexy :)

  4. jerose

    New Content!

    could angel of ghost have slot aswell <3
  5. deym! your pretty :) welcome back

  6. darn! Miami whats wrong with you... Be the Champion!

  7. Forum Name:Jerose Character Name: Nurse Jerome
  8. longest offline of GRO... woooooo

  9. jerose

    Letter To Santa

    Dear Santa, My name is E l e s i s ingame and my real name is Jerome - I am 24 years old. I'd really like to have for christmas is a Lord Knight Card, it's one of my favourite cards! Hopefully you can fulfill my wish. Yours, Jerome P. S. I love Gro <3
  10. awww! probably you got hacked. dont trust anybody. . .

  11. imma get all of those... xD weeee! imma get all of those... xD weeee!
  12. you cant be both.. hahaha!

  13. your a pussy now? LOL

  14. wow! pretty face... :D

  15. ohh my! sayang naman hindi ako makakasali sa 10v10..

  16. failed event for me.. T_T

  17. i dont see you in prontera... hmmmm

  18. hinahanap mo ko?

  19. Hello there magik ~~~

  20. whats a pedooo lexa.

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