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  1. There are even more now xD

    Almost no free spot anymore :P

  2. *is bored in school* = =

  3. Kai ne Ahnung wie ich dich nennen soll :D

  4. Allow Pimpy...wusste gar nich dassu n forum account hast xD

  5. daijoubu desu :3

  6. Aw D: *pat*

    Meany other o-o

    I am always answering my comments :D

  7. They are even longer than on that picture atm x3x

    But your hairs are short :3

    And nice cap btw~ ^-^

  8. Mari~ :o

    How are you? :3

  9. Happy New Year, Tama-senpai ^-^

  10. Happy New Year, Kirst! :D

  11. Happy New Year, Emi-chan :3

  12. Yay! Thanks Kirst x3

    I am lookin forward to it:D

  13. Merry Christmas :3

    Check your PM-Box x3

  14. Merry Christmas, Cutie ^-^

    Finally its here, eh? :3

  15. *Points at you*

    Stalker! :o

    But ist okay :3

  16. Raawrrwar(Thank you) x3


  17. EEEEK! O_O

    *runs for his life*

  18. Sonja! :P

    Bist jah auch mal wieder unterwegs ^^

  19. WTH! Did I miss something O-o

    *reloads Sniper*

  20. Yah... Ich hab nie aufgehört oo

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